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Heroes Season 3 Ep 23 Review


Peter's gig as a resistance leader was short-lived, now his momma is recruiting him into setting up a new company. Flashbacks reveal how Angela, her sister Alice and her parents were locked up in Coyote Sands in 1961. Also along for the ride were Little Charles and Little Linderman. One night the guards massacred everyone held at the place. So the Company was started in reaction to what happened at Coyote Sands.

Bennet is useless, Peter is smug, Mohinder is useless and it turns out that Alice has spent 50 years hiding in the desert. Alice is a Weather Warden, but also an insane loon due to Angela screwing her over. It turns out Sylar is impersonating Nathan, so it seems like 'Five Years Gone' is really going to happen. This was goodish but I'm getting a horrible feeling that Nathan will be killed off to give more tv time to Peter and his wonky mouth.
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