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The Flash 1x17 + The 100 2x14 Reviewed

Barry has a wall of crazy on Wells. Balloon bombs are set off and a stupid kid is imperilled. A nutter in a mask has oppressive seediness and calls himself the Trickster. 20 years ago the original Trickster was James Jesse (Mark Hamill). James Jesse is in a ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ like cell and is a nutter. Iris annoys, Barry sees his dad and sneers at Wells.

Wells looks conspiratorial. James escapes and he and Trickster jnr take Henry hostage. Barry is obviously suspicious of Wells. There is a revelation. The Tricksters plan a deep hurting on people. Wells says too much. Henry sees Barry in action. Joe and Barry let Eddie in on the secret. Why is everyone ‘protecting’ Iris?

15 years ago the Flash and Reverse-Flash fought. When the Reverse-Flash unmasked it isn’t Wells. Also blondie Thawne lost the speed force after killing Nora. Gideon belongs to Thawne so why does it call him Wells in the ‘present’? Anyway Thawne stalks the real Wells and his wife Tess. Wells wanted to name STAR labs after Tess but she named it after him. Did they have giant wine glasses in 2000? The real Wells didn’t wear black and had different glasses. Thawne causes the car crash that kills Tess and then kills Wells while stealing his face and mind. Wells glasses on and glasses off trick makes sense. A murderer has been hiding in plain sight for 15 years by wearing his murder victim’s skin and we never knew the real Wells. Real Wells must live!

Will Barry save his mother? Will Snow become Killer Frost and will Cisco become Vibe? Will Wells and Tess be saved? Wells and Tess launched the particle accelerator in 2020 so will there be metahumans? Does Thawne want to get home? Will Barry figure out the real Wells has been dead for 15 years?

Best Lines:
“That name doesn’t matter, not anymore, and won’t matter for many years.”

“They’re not coming to save you.”

“He’s enigmatic.”

“He’s been patient. Scary patient.”

“Talking in the third person. That’s never a good sign.”

“Someone was rocking the unitard.”

“Your latest time-jump.”

“How am I supposed to get back?”
“You can’t.”

“James talked the shrink into committing suicide.”

“Cut off his head and throw it right in his face.”

“He considers threats minor annoyances.”

“Someone besmirching his bad name.”

“You’re not gonna pay for another man’s crime anymore.”

“Pretender. Sham.”

“My ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5. They gave me cable in prison so I’d stop killing the guards.”

“I am your father.”

“Why didn’t I see this?”

“Then we switch to lead poisoning.”

“You’re the bus and that’s the bomb.”

“That wasn’t very sanitary.”

“Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash.”

Bodyguard Of Lies
Jaha and Murphy walk into a minefield and people get blown up. Raven whines. Clarke is a bad instrumentalist. Octavia is onto Clarke. Lexa plots. WTF is the City Of Light?  Bellamy bores. Raven is a thicko as they try to figure out a way to neutralise the acid fog. Jaha goes full on Charlton Heston. Lexa and Clarke make out. Everyone is unconstrained by ethics or morals. There is a betrayal, maybe. Democracy isn’t a concept anyone considers relevant. Cage panics. Indra is pragmatic. A drone flies around and there is a very convenient boat. Mount Weather faces doom. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“I will take Jaha’s staff and beat you to death with it.”

“Moral reservations.”

“We’ve been safe down here for 97 years.”

“Go die for me.”

“They make fog that melts people.”

“I was always crap at tests.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“It’s a bag of limestone in the corner.”


“It’s doing something.”

“All we have is the doors.”

“The Reapers can’t take a force this large.”

“What level of crazy is too much for you?”
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