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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Insidious Chapter 3’ trailer
This is a prequel. There is knocking and what about the cliffhanger of part 2? This looks okay.

Best Lines:
“If you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you.”

“It’s feeding on her soul.”

“I’ll be waiting in the dark when the pain finally kills you.”

‘The Flash’ trailer
Fight! Wells stands in a cell in the pipeline! Grodd! The real Wells must be saved.

Best Line:
“No help here.”

‘Child 44’ TV spot

‘The Flash’ promo
Barry suspects everyone, Wells plots. Good.

Best Line:
“I thought Dr Wells was a great man. I was so wrong.”

‘Jane The Virgin’ promo

Best Line:
“Look after her flower.”

‘Empire’ promo
‘King Lear’ in the music business.

‘Supernatural’ 9x15 promo
Ghostfacers? No.

‘Willo The Wisp’ opening credits.
This had nice music.

‘Hex’ series 2 opening credits

‘Grosse Pointe’ opening credits
Nice music. What became of all these actors?

Philadelphia on crackers - nice.
Tomato Soup with Mexican spices - okay.
Gluten free non GMO Vegan Organic Spirulina Dream Live Food bar - okay.
Wheat Free Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - good.
Tomato Parmesan Smashing Chicken - good.
Cracked Black Pepper Orang-Utan Friendly Wheat Free Oatcakes - good.

I may review ‘Empire’ and ‘Wild Things 3’.

They’re remaking ‘She’s All That’?!?

Upcoming shows ‘ALT’, ‘SS-GB’ and ‘Midwinter of the Spirit’ sound good.

I am feeling more optimistic about health issues.

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Have nots and Have yachts.”

‘New Captain Scarlet’ Quotes:
“Someone took an almighty dislike to him that’s for sure.”

“Super-military, you know what I’m saying.”

“This family’s got Christian standards. Momma must be turning in her prison cell.”

“He was a good friend but now he’s gone. Remember that.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“He throws a cup right by my head.”

“I left through the window.”

“You did throw a dresser drawer?”

“You don’t handle that well do you?”

“With the baby? Barefoot?”

“Is that good judgement?”

“Who are you people?”

“You’re not embarrassed by that.”

“Pretty toxic.”

“Just make me angry.”

“Why is he there?”

“A function of his emotions.”

“He broke my nose on Christmas.”

“He is praying to find you dead.”

Popcorn’ Quotes:
“Come into my head.”
“I’d rather not thanks.”

“You almost made me zap the third row.”

“This is not scheduled!”

“Yours is a bitch too.”
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