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The Young Ones Series 1 Review, Part 1

Ep 1: Demolition
This is the introduction episode. The gang are at their first house which is scheduled to be demolished. Mike gets called a "Thunderbird puppet." Rick watches a painfully wannabe hip 'youth' tv show and kicks in the tv in anger. The 80's technology looks amazingly out of date: the tv has an ariel and the radio looks bizarre. This was okay.

Ep 2: Oil
The gang move into their new house. Mike finds Buddy Holly in his bed room. Christopher Ryan (Mike) is cute. Mike turns Rick's room into a roller disco and then his game of golf gets a bit gross. Anyway then Vyv plays murder in the dark in the cellar and claims to have struck oil. So Mike sets himself up as El Presidente and Vyv is his enforcer Colonel Vyv. So via some cricket bat violence, Rick and Neil are made to dig all the oil up. This was okay, Robbie Coltrane guest starred as the bouncer at the roller disco.
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