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Person Of Interest 3x15 + Gotham 1x10 Reviewed

Last Call
Finch goes undercover at a 911 call centre. Fusco does boring stuff with a new protégée. This may be a knock off of a Halle Berry movie. A man menaces Sandra the 911 call centre POI. This left me insensible due to an annoying baddie, an obvious plot and a moronic POI. There is bad acting and a non twist. Finch has a nemesis and was the bad dude voiced by Steven Culp? This was total filler.

Best Lines:
“Squirrels can’t drive!”

“The numbers we never get.”

“I can be more emphatic.”

“Did the dog try to bite you?”

“Mr Concerned.”

“11,000 butt dials a day.”

“This was your fault.”

“Ridiculous number of piercing.”

“How do you call it off?”
“I never asked.”

“He’s you, if you were evil.”

“That has now become impossible.”

“There is no dead in team.”

“Going all Charles Bronsan on me.”

“I’m not a violent man.”

“Nothing of any consequence.”

The deeply troubled Bruce and cat-teen pout at each other. Weirdo killers target cat-teen. Bruce and cat-teen abandon Alfred and run off. Alfred is shot and yelly. There are dramatic kinds of pauses. This wasn't imagistic just dissonant. Why is cat-teen wearing goggles? This makes me miss ‘Birds of Prey’. Why does Falcone Mansion get an identifying subtitle? Penguin and Falcone’s once harmonious relationship goes awry.

Dent seems to be wearing lip-gloss. Gordon growls. Falcone reacts to the armoury heist. I despair for humanity because of this tired formula. This was not morally complex and the decaying alleyways don’t convince. The ‘ethically ambiguous’ characters overact. Bruce and his meringue hair annoys. This was dreadful and incoherent and lurches inelegantly toward Gordon being reassigned to Arkham as a security guard. Ivy shows up and cat-teen is scared of her. Lovecraft blubbers and dies. Gordon is po-faced.

This was plodding and pretentious. Maniacal baddies overact and everyone is unpleasantly bored and weary. This was clunkily deadeningly dull with no compelling antagonists, no psychotic chill or anything genuinely frightening. The Mayor berates Gordon, Dent is an arrogant clown and Gordon seems crazy.

Best Lines:
“Open him.”

“Screw you orphan.”

“Run! Run!”

“You plank.”

“It is closed!”

“Butler, mate. I’m a butler.”

“Someone artful.”

“This is a panic move.”

“Save your cheese.”

“I can beat the truth out of this kid with a role of quarters.”

“Forgive me for shocking you.”

“Fish is busy.”

“Streets talk.”

“Would infringe upon my personal interests.”

“Didn’t take.”

“Keep moving.”

“I’m a nobody, just like you.”

“They are laughing at you.”

“Don’t ever mistake bravery for good sense.”

“Don’t tell me otherwise.”

“Sir I protest.”
“But not too much.”

“Thrown out in disgrace.”
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