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How To Get Away With Murder 1x10 +The Blacklist 2x14 +Stalker 1x12 +Agents Of SHIELD 2x15 Reviewed

Hello Raskolnikov
A clip show. Keating spews vitriol. Wes is a smarmy clod. Why does everyone automatically accept that Sam killed Lila? There is no kitchen-sink realism here. There is a murder cover up and this isn’t treated as disturbing at all. Keating is a pampered neurotic and pulls furrowed faces as she is emotionally manipulative. The students never seem to study. Frank tries to justify himself. Asher is mocked. Connor whines. I fear bad things will happen to Oliver - the designated ugly fat friend. No one has any genuine affection.

Things get plain ludicrous and there is unmitigated absurdity. Sam was the father of Lila’s baby - no uncomplicated humanity here. This was an unremarkable and misconceived episode. Characters are underdeveloped and there are storybook notions. Frank is a horrible tormentor. The charges against Rebecca are dropped. Keating is awful. Laurel grows incrementally awful. Keating sets a test. A cop (Faran Tahir) and the judge (Tamlyn Tomita) are led around by Keating. Michaela’s strapless wedding dress is awful. Sam’s sister shows up.

Best Lines:
“What you did tonight had to be done.”

“Now go and do what you’ve been told.”

“They’re wearing their paranoia on their sleeves.”

“You were having your drug-induced breakdown.”

“I can’t stop thinking about last night.”
“Try harder.”

“He’s the monster not me.”

“Your dumb asses!”

“The genetic match to this foetus.”

“Stop lying.”

“A fact pattern.”

“There is a way. Find it.”

T. Earl King VI (no. 94)
Tom finally resurfaces. His handler (Lance Henriksen) gives him a new job. A crazy family run a theft/human trafficking ring. Red’s Irene Adler plays him. Cooper finds he has made an unwitting verbal promise. Keen’s bleached anus twitches when Tom calls her. Tom goes undercover and shaves off his 90s hair, smokes and gets neo-Nazi tattoos.

Something bad happened to the King patriarch at some point. The goblin Keen goes undercover and her cover is blown. Red rants. This was overblown and doesn’t have any substance whatsoever. The cops fail to notice Red the malignant liar. The King’s socially discomforting carry on ends. Keen bores. Tom picks a bar fight and is in with his new mates, which is not frankly unexpected.

Best Lines:
“An eccentric family of trust fund billionaires.”

“I haven’t even begun to try.”

“Ignore that bid!”

“What’s in this for you?”

“Somehow excused him from the use of logic.”

“So banal.”

“Playing army.”

“To your own misery.”

“Avoid the yard, be nice to your cellmate and whatever you do, don’t eat the franks and beans.”

“You are so damaged.”

Secrets And Lies
This was not an existential experience. Various stick thin women do stuff. The Mayor (Brett Cullen of ‘Lost’, ‘Red Dawn’, ‘Devious Maids’ and ‘Person Of Interest’) is menaced. Jack has intense conversations and a penchant for being annoying. The Mayor’s wife (Andrea Roth) and son stand in the background. This was insufficient. A stalker prances around dressed as a jester. People are oblivious to sense. A hooker is menaced. An ex-customer (Raphael Sbarge of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’) looks creepy. No one notices a jester prancing around LA? Perry the stalker sneers and is so super-intelligent he can’t be stopped. Or something.

There is a twist. Amanda is useless and is the sexy lamp of this show. Have TPTB dropped the Jack is a creepy stalker plotline? There are two non twists. This was terrible with dull surprise acting. I’m seriously thinking of dropping this. Another bad cover version plays. TPTB rip off ‘Copycat’. Beth’s original stalker shows up and he looks like a Krankie.

Best Lines:
“Why’s it doing that?”

“Man or woman?”
“Are you insinuating something detective?”

“Very high end.”

“How do you like your jail cell?”

“I sound horrible.”

“When I leave, it goes with me.”

“Lying about lying.”

“What crazy guy?”

One Door Closes
Flashbacks to the day SHIELD fell at the hands of Hydra show how Mockingbird, Mack, Hartley (Lucy Lawless) and Edward James Olmos got together as they crushed and distained Hydra. In the present Mockingbird has no moral imperative to help Coulson’s SHIELD. Coulson has pontifications and is mind-bogglingly pleased with himself in his mid-range trust-me suit. Skye is incredibly frustrating. There is no Ward. Fitz engages in implicit diminution of Simmons. Coulson is not solid, consistent or dependable. May is exasperating and assumes she is morally correct.

The creative vapidity of season 2 lifts as this was good. Coulson and his gang have a vicious dislike for Mack and Mockingbird. Edward James Olmos has a declarative voice. Coulson says every single line in a smarmy leading man fashion. Skye meets Gordon. Fitz and Simmons are wearisome. Coulson is entirely unmeanacing and is angry, accusative, mistrustful and cynical.

What was on the Iliad that Hydra couldn’t be allowed to get? REAL SHIELD is more interesting that Coulson’s gang of morons. Coulson feels the social rejection. I wish for a narrative end to Skye, Coulson and May. Coulson and co never bothered to check the Academy or look for Olmos and co despite the claims they did. Coulson is mystified that people don’t trust him Fury was a fool. May is gross. Skye refuses to be made such use of and joins the Inhumans. Hunter and Coulson team up to annoy.

Best Lines:
“There’s still 14 more decks. We’re out-numbered 3 to 1.”

“Phil Coulson has no right to call this SHIELD.”

“You’re literally his creation.”

“Secrets are what brought SHIELD down the first time.”

“We’re not Hydra.”
“I’ve heard that before.”

“It’s been a bastard of day.”

“That man there had an axe. Now, I have it.”
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