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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘If There Be Thorns’ trailer
Does not look good. Bart the brat, screaming Cathy and elderly Corrine.

‘Stalker’ promo

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
Grace goes nuts, will Freddie just die?

‘Venus vs. Mars’ promo

‘Brothers Green Eats’ promo

‘Get Hard’ TV spot
“See you tomorrow convict!”

‘Poldark’ opening credits

RIP Robert Z’Dar of the ‘Maniac Cop’ trilogy.

Asparagus - pretty chewy.
Steak and eggs - steak too fatty.
Pana Cotta - nice.
Choc Easter eggs - yum.

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater hand therapy is not so good.

Is the ‘Twin Peaks’ reboot done?

‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’ was a terrible show. Lauren the ‘good’ one spent all her time trying to steal someone else’s boyfriend while giving off a SoCal beach vibe. The boy in question was not a prize to be won.

Janine Turner from ‘Northern Exposure’ now does Christian yoga?

Why could I never find hole-pinch reinforces when I was at school when everyone else had them?

The Negative Space/Mondrian Movement nails are in apparently. Eye roll.

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ the CGI remake of ‘Thunderbirds’ makes me not care about International Rescue. The CGI ‘New Captain Scarlet’ was better. Have ITV already dumped it?

‘The Tomorrow People’ Quote:
“Don’t lie. It’s unbecoming.”

‘Louis Theroux Transgender Kids’ Quotes:
“They’re not happy with that at all.”

“You’re not listening.”

“More authentically yourself.”

“No mommy, boy.”

‘Marry Me’ Quotes:
“What non-Renaissance human plays a lute?”

“For what would you like us to apologise today?”

“I don’t have time for your humour jokes.”

“The mad Greek?”

“Some hatemonger.”

“I take responsibility for that mail room fire.”

“Did you get scared in the trash room again? I told you there is no such thing as a garbage Gollum.”

“That done did it.”

“Practising urban falconry.”

“He keeps trying to pay his rent in Bitcoins.”

“Therefore we hate him.”

“Can you get your hand off my frock coat?”

‘That 70’s Show’ Quotes:
“That’s what the hopheads do.”

“Nihilistic outcry.”

“Like a hippy.”

“Three puke holes over.”

“One drunk slutty cheerleader.”

“Loud aggressive noises.”

“Some of them turned out to be serial killers.”

“Are you on dope?”

“Then I threw up on that cop.”

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ Quotes:
“This is rather distressing.”

“Earthquakes typically don’t work like that.”


“This is rather alarming.”

“You will regret it.”

“Thunderbirds are gone.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Clinging to the front door like Gordon Brown.”

“Wearing compression leggings.”

“Large and hostile crowds gathered.”

“Seemingly apoplectic with rage.”

“It is a ghastly sight.”

“Watch them vomit after training.”

“Forties Filler Freakout.”

“Bad jeans and Top Gear hair.”

“Grunting balls of insecurity.”

“Need intense reassurance.”


“Transitory megafame.”

“Projected a personality.”

“Royal fluff.”

“Her half-sibling’s half-sibling.”

“A difficult wife, as many of you here will know.”


“Socially inept.”

“Made her testimony worthless.”

“A toxic sigh.”

“Woefully neglects his duty.”

“Towns rot as if they’re in a prequel to Mad Max.”

“Constantly in attack mode.”

“Becomes an irritant.”


“Does not know what an atelier is, what couturiers do.”

“The ghastliness of hipsters.”

“Imperturbable and indifferent.”

“Your motivation is your salary.”

“Weakly blamed.”

“A grim, grim world.”

“Toxic co-dependence.”

“Unhappy slobs.”

“Chilly disgust.”

“Unsuitable women.”

“National disillusionment.”

“A lack of maturity, perspective and critical thinking.”

“Go about their job with warmth or charm.”

“Like he was some carnivore version of the Man from Del Monte.”

“It’s a soup not a slurry.”

“Industrial quality Mayo.”

“Covenanting teeth.”

“Porridge-coloured frocks.”

“Notoriously profane and combative personality.”

“I’m not sure I associated luxury with something that’s nailed to the wall in a stainless steel dispenser.”

“It was where Jackson Pollock vomited over Peggy Guggenheim.”

“This caused the man and his wife to turn and run in a blind panic. Screaming and roaring they ran in front of a car.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Shut up.”

“Curse that Elon Musk.”

“Stupid Branson.”

“The body’s harshest critic: the colon.”

“I do not eat monkey’s brains from a skull.”

“May I escort you to the radiator?”

“The tongues of the court will be awag.”

“All these concubines.”

“Bad spelling and grammar.”

“Straight to the drink tank, rummie.”


“In the car.”

“Real optimistic literature.”

“Goodnight dregs.”

“You are starting to insult me.”

“No dogs disguised as goats.”

“To the scooter store!”

“My first montage.”

“The ancient tribal sound of confusion.”

“Vague stuff.”

‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ Quotes:
“The broken make the best followers, look at you.”

“He was a great man.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A yeller.”

“Mom voice.”

“A plague over our family.”
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