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Star Trek Enterprise Rise Of The Federation: Uncertain Logic by Christopher L. Bennett
This bears more than a passing resemblance to ‘Spock’s World’. It is also a sequel to the season 2 ‘Enterprise’ ep ‘Dead Stop’. Years ago Archer and T’Pol found the writings of the revered Surak. Now their great discovery is found not to pass evidential muster. This leads to Vulcans and Starfleet having altercations. Meanwhile Captain Reed and the USS Pioneer track down the source of a forgotten technological threat. Tucker resurfaces and Kirk’s grandfather plays a small role. Meanwhile the Orions bother the Deltans and the doomed Bryce Shumar and USS Essex have to save the day. A Vulcan baby is born at the end of the book and it is exactly who you think it is. This was good and the story will continue.

Best Lines:
“Even if it means opening an airlock and throwing spare parts at them.”

“We wouldn’t trust that promise again.”

Wastelands 2: More Stories Of The Apocalypse edited by John Joseph Adams, part 1

The Tamarisk Hunter
The drought has caused California to take all the water so towns and cities are drying up and blowing away. A man is determined to hang onto his patch. But can he? This was bleak and good.

Best Lines:
“They’ve finished roasting a magpie.”

“They fought there. You saw what happened.”

Deep Blood Kettle
A young boy can see what no one else will acknowledge - that the oncoming meteor is the end. Good.

Animal Husbandry
By Seanan McGuire. A vet wanders the ruins of what was once America to find her daughter. Excellent with a horrible twist.

“...For A Single Yesterday”
By George R.R. Martin. A group of hippies survived the Blast and now their commune has to adapt to survive. But one selfish burk won’t adjust. So very 70s.

Chislehurst Messiah
A vile gold digging man survives the apocalypse but learns the hoodie scum have inherited the Earth. He decides he’s been spared to save the teenage scum. This was blackly comic and excellent.

Best Line:
“One of Marlowe’s trendy terrorist-chic scarves.”


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