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Book Reviews: Zombified + Lethal Lolita + Amy Fisher: My Story

Zombified by Adam Gallardo
The sequel to ‘Zomburbia’ proves the infamous adage that lightening doesn’t strike twice. Courtney isn’t a drug dealer anymore but she is still fending off zombies and obsessing over going to New York. Also her exboyfriend Brandon is up to some weird stuff. This was frighteningly inedible and Courtney comes across as a bizarre, raving lunatic. There are some fresh disclosures about the zombie apocalypse but they’re buried under the weight of her self-absorption and the padding. This disappointed and was penal.

Best Line:
“The nightly interrogation one experienced at the hands of one’s parental captors.”

Lethal Lolita by Maria Eftimiades
This 1992 ‘true crime’ novel is a shallow take on the infamous Amy Fisher case. While Amy Fisher’s life was bleak then, nowadays she truly has had a epic life fail. Better best avoided.

Amy Fisher: My Story by Amy Fisher & Shelia Weller
In this 1993 Amy Fisher continues her excuses from jail. No, enough, stop Amy just stop.
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