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Arrow 3x16 + How To Get Away With Murder 1x09 + The Blacklist 2x13 + The Musketeers 2x10 Reviewed

The Offer
Ra’s is a title and Ra’s al Ghul is not the first and wishes to offer the mantle to Oliver. As for Oliver he is as sour and discordant as ever and whines like Oisin Tymon. Nyssa doesn’t believe Thea. As for Thea, the brat needs to shut up. Nyssa punches Laurel. Thea lies. Ra’s shows off his Lazarus Pit, Oliver snots and has no integrity. TPTB fashion another ass-pull to keep Malcolm around.

Thea and her manga mascara is useless. Oliver and Malcolm are unrepentant asses. This ep was awful and wrong. Oliver needs to piss off. There are more useless Hong Kong flashbacks and oh Shado may be alive. This show has become all about Oliver’s male validation. Oliver lies, Lance growls and is done with the Arrow due to Sara.

Felicity blabbers about TCP - isn’t that an antiseptic? I don’t care about Ray or his spin-off. Oliver is a shameless relentless ass. No-one is disarmingly honest. I loathe these bourgeois hilariously narcissistic idiots. Vague dislike has now become hated. There is total wrongness all round. Nyssa hangs out with Laurel because she isn’t Ra’s heir. Ra’s does a knife grab. There is a daft thin plot about industrial grade diamonds. Oliver is a negative force and is false, poisonous and full of vituperative language and self pity. TPTB are ruining this show.

Oliver name checks Tommy. Lance shuns Laurel. Arrow and Arsenal ride around on their matching mopeds. There is way too much Felicity. Where is Ted Grant? Ra’s dresses up in green lame pretending to be the Arrow and gets murdery. Sense was an afterthought in this crap.

Best Lines:
“A dialect no longer spoken.”

“A man destined to be alone.”

“Your city will turn on you.”

“You will be scorned and hunted.”

“Live way beyond my time.”

“He kicked you off the side of a mountain.”

“Is he?”

“I’m done with him.”

“You proved to me I was wrong.”

“Mind your tone.”

“You’re punishing my love.”

“Pollutes your judgement.”

“Then don’t.”

“He’s not innocent anymore.”

“Less socially-responsible days.”

“What have we accomplished?”

“The Arrow isn’t enough.”

“Is Malcolm still alive?”

“My evil dad.”

“You really are insane.”

“You don’t seem surprised.”

“Doesn’t offer. He orders.”

“Why are we running away from them?”

“There will be consequences.”

Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me
The present catches up with the flashforwards and it is revealed that the pack of thugs invaded Sam’s home, pushed him down the stairs and then Wes finished him off. Keating plays the victim, snotty Rebecca gets a face full of blood and Wes has no remorse. Various life ruining events happened because of Wes’ obsession with the skanky whore drug dealer. Keating is a hypocrite and has good adultery with Nate unlike dead Sam’s bad adultery.

The gang are sociopaths by choice. Michaela is a tool. Nate is married. Connor throws Sam’s burnt, battered remains into a dumpster. Wes is a tool. Connor has a breakdown in front of his ex. Asher and Bonnie boff. Michaela crawls to her future mother in law. There is a ‘twist’ and Wes lies more.

Best Lines:
Enough about the ring Frodo!”

“This was all for nothing.”

The Deer Hunter (no.93)
A serial killer (Amanda Plummer) kills. Red calls a man then tells Keen the Deer Hunter is a woman. Keen is irked and does the wrong sort of bad acting. Red is mildly aggrieved. This was deadly dull. The tawdry serial killer bores. Various people are sure of the worth of their own opinions and are prone to self-importance. Keen bristles when Red is within sight. A detective looks into Keen with testosterone-fuelled bravado.

This show is damaged beyond repair. What about this army Red was building in season 1? Keen is the sort who tends to annoy people. There is no Tom. There is babbling about bite marks on livers. Red gets into illegal organ donations and indulges in aggravated harassment. There is some unifying reason for what is going on but I don’t care. Keen gets smacked with a shovel. There are lies and babbles about the Fulcrum. Keen is a snot.

Best Lines:
“The typical mutilation killer.”

“Total domination of the body.”

“Tell me your name.”

“Don’t ask me to feel your pain Liz.”

“Don’t get fat.”

“I find them unimaginative and woefully predictable.”

“Someone has to do this!”

“Brown sugar pecan.”

“We’re wrong.”

“Is there evil in your life?”
“Is it not just and right to eliminate evil?”

“Up there feeling sanctified.”

Trial And Punishment
With no sense of tonal consistency the musketeers save Constance whilst murdering and defying the King. Porthos looks for the Spanish spymaster. There is strutting and chest thrusting. D’artagnan is a moronic belligerent foghorn. The Queen plays the victim and is all nonchalance and insouciance. Rochefort’s grubby, squalid and nauseous plotting goes on. The Queen is disingenuous. Rochefort and his ranting rage brings up the Dauphin’s contested paternity - he’s right and everyone acts like it doesn’t matter. The ‘goodies’ loathe Rochefort but they are the liars. Armais is oddly self-satisfied.

Nobody has a well-calibrated sense of volume control. Rochefort’s transparently vampiric attempt to control Louis goes on. He chuckles despotically, on the inside. Aramis lies accumulate. Rochefort’s wilful destruction of the French court goes on. Constance plays at being tough - it’s accidentally hilarious. Will she die already? There is a suicide and Rochefort gives us a back-story hint. There should be suitably horrifying consequences for all this.

The Queen is arrogant and smug. The notorious slag Milady has vivacity as she mumbles and whines. Rochefort tries to get the Queen executed. There is yelling, fighting and will Rochefort just get on with it? Unassertive Louis has a precarious tone. This episode was calamitous and not an ironic subversion. Even in the face of potentially lethal hostility from the musketeers Rochefort won’t give up. Everyone kicks his ass. The Queen and Aramis get away with their adultery. Rochefort dies and the Queen treats him with an almost unbearable contempt.

Louis promotes Treville. Louis has to suspect that the Dauphin isn’t his. Aramis quits. Milady pisses off. This ep rapidly went sour. I’ll miss the aggressive sneering Rochefort, how did the musketeers get away with rebelling and killing Rochefort with nothing remotely like an order to do so? This ep was monumentally unfocused, alienating, valueless, ropey and dubious. Gurning idiot Constance married d’Artagnan and his yokel veneer. Oh come on! War is declared on Spain and self absorbed misanthrope Athos is made captain. Louis just gets over being morbidly suspicious. This was a crap exit for the demonic Rochefort.

Best Lines:
“His agent in the King’s court.”

“You will not refuse me a second time.”

“None of us are musketeers now.”

“The disease of conspiracy spreads quickly.”

“We must face the truth, however terrible.”

“He’s a monster of your making.”

“Even I could not imagine he could climb so far.”

“I did not think of you once.”

“Than Rochefort’s allegations will soon be disproved.”
“Even those that are true?”

“You are a good and loyal wife.”

“All for one.”
“One for all.”

“Foul and ugly thing.”
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