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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Spectre’ promo
Mired in muddiness - is this part of the post-Blair fear of looking flash? There is snow, crows, a funeral and is that Blofeld? Is Bond a plant? WTF? Interesting.

Best Line:
“You’ve got a secret.”

Arrow’ 3x18 promo
Lance wants to take the Arrow down but Oliver just escalates the situation even further.

Best Line:
“Shoot to kill.”

‘The Duff’ promo
Oh hell no.

Tales Of The Grim Sleeper’ promo
What the hell?

‘Sensitive Skin’ promo

Best Line:
“I feel judged by this couch!”

Gluten free pasta - gross.
Non-gluten sourdough bread - okish.
Almond & Apricot bar with a yoghurt coating - okay.

The cover of ‘Best Horror Of The Year Volume 7’ is lovely.

I will review ‘Night School: Resistance’.

I am reading ‘Zombified’.

There is a ‘TOS’ book trilogy in 2016. Yay!

My health issues worry me. But at last, I am getting some support from family.

The houseguests are here and have no concern for me. Instead they moan about the tablecloth, an old VCR, the TV and shout on their phones.

Remember the 1990 Strangeways riot?

‘Catfish’ Quote:
“We don’t know what the hell’s coming out of that house.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Failed the Sexy Lamp Test.”

“But it all turns to poison.”

“Ego or expectation outweighed talent.”

“Harrowing difficulty.”


“Unreliable testimony.”

“Social mobility is a curse.”

“Give good flounce.”

“The Sunderland shagger.”

“To befoul.”

“Indulging in impractical furniture and weed.”

“A nasty end beckons - again.”

“Climbing astride half a ton of twisting, cavorting and enraged steak, deliberately bred to encourage strength and belligerence.”

“Low level sense of unease.”


“What a great opportunity for apocalyptic sex.”

“Unable to control his temper at the discourtesy.”

“Whose family might never have ascended the throne if Richard had kept his.”

“Over inflated expectations.”

“Innovation capabilities.”

“Common dialogue.”

“A deep distrust of external players.”

“An economic colony.”

“Emotional cut-offs.”

“The kinds of things he bangs on about.”

“Treated with contempt.”

“Distorted thinking and self-righteous indignation.”

“Monetise their rage at the world.”

“Insufficiently self-aware to see where the self destructiveness leads.”

“Paul Cattermole leaving S Club 7 to form a nu-metal band with “a Limp Bizkit vibe” called Skua.”

“Sheer, unrelenting grind of the job.”

“They get tattoos and experimental haircuts.”

“Vaguely elegiac-sounding final singles.”

“A pallid, haunted figure.”

“Dentally challenged.”

“Thrown, drinks, physical violence and endless attention-seeking Twitter bitching sessions.”

“Strained, desultory relationship.”

“Troubled moments.”

“Haunting misjudgement.”

“A certain kind of aggravation.”

“Just a generalised rage.”

“Acquit herself honorably.”

“The past is unknowable.”

“I am not always struck by the urge to get stuck in a lift with her.”

“Accelerating anxiety.”

“Class rancour.”

“Can they trust those dead eyes?”

“Filthy, glamorous.”

“Filthy charmer.”

“Hard-hitting emotion.”

“All eye-patch and attitude.”

“Swords out, tops off.”

“Something called the interview zone.”

Failure’s quick and absolute descent.”

“Name-maker and reputation-wrestler.”

“Inelegantly riding donkeys.”

“Unhelpfully vituperative.”

“Doomed cookie pizza.”

“Agent provocateurs in public toilets.”

“Looking like a hippo rogering a crane.”

“The sauce like something coughed up by a Haribo-addicted pipe smoker.”

“Dodgy bars.”

“Crass and bludgeoning.”

“Painful verisimilitude.”

“Ambitious disregarded figure.”

“The wide pannier skirts of the 18th century required careful manoeuvring if you weren’t to send small dogs and knick-knacks flying.”

“Regressive and fearful.”

“Toxic representation.”

“Junk language.”

“Disjointed, incoherent cacophony.”

“Admits its own fictionality.”

“A deranged ape.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Clouds of oppressive perfume.”

The men were all wearing, or so it seemed to me, the exact same suit.”

“Eat your water.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Pimping is in my blood.”

“Get her killed.”

“He broke down her door.”

“Why am I always wrong?”

“Life situation.”
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