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Book Reviews: Skin Game + Apocalypse

The Dresden Files: Skin Game by Jim Butcher
The 15th in the series is a vast improvement on the dire ‘Cold Days’. This is a heist adventure as Harry has to join forces with a group of nefarious villains to break into a vault. A vault that belongs to Hades. There are wheels within wheels and this was good.

Best Lines:
“You went into gloat-mode like every Evil Overlord shouldn’t.”

“There is no turning aside.”

“Anduriel has the potential to hear anything uttered within reach of any living being’s shadow and sometimes to look out from it and see.”

“Walk away, I’ll let you.”

“Hadn’t been impressed by death the first time around.”

“Move another inch and you’re slurry.”

Apocalypse by Tim Bowler
An irritating family are shipwrecked on a mysterious island. This is a culturally confusing tale that should be shelved and discredited for being terrible. The irate islanders have chilling aggression and egomaniacal savagery and the irritating teenage boy hero has orgiastic dismay. This made no sense and people should be socialized out of reading this cumbrous cipher.

Best Lines:
“Take him outside. But cover his loins. They offend me.”

“The Devil has his hole.”
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