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Book Reviews: The Secret Circle 2&3

The Secret Circle Book 2: The Captive by L.J. Smith
Cassie is bullied by the provoker Faye who blackmails her too. Cassie can’t see or acknowledge the truth - she’s an unproductive broken reed. There is babbling about the Master Tools, a skull and the fact a big rock fell on the school principle. Cassie has psychotic hallucinations and engages in troubling behaviour that causes drama. There is death, psychotic reactions and Black John. This was dull, plodding and the events of the past sound far more interesting.

Best Lines:
“You stupid outsider,”

“What is God’s name had happened in New Salem in 1976?”

“You? Who cares what you say?”

“Black John had come back to make the strongest circle this country had ever seen - not from this generation, but from the next.”

“He knew his infant daughter could set the curtains on fire without touching them, and he knew that wasn’t right.”

The Secret Circle Book 3: The Power by L.J. Smith
Things get worse and Faye is ever spiteful. The witch-hunters come to town and the plot wraps up in ridiculous fashion. The TV show was actually better.

Best Line:
The witch-hunting kind of outsiders.”
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