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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ trailer
Alec Baldwin, The Syndicate and shirtless Tom Cruise. Where’s Paula Patton? Jeremy Renner broods.

Best Lines:
“Trained to do what we do.”

“An anti-IMF.”

“They’re coming after us.”

The Falling’ (2015) trailer
A boarding school, staring and mysterious goings on. Looks intriguing.

Best Lines:
“I will not tolerate such conduct.”

“Crazy witches.”

“Old secrets rise to the surface.”

“What I think about doing.”

‘The Royals’ trailer
Liz Hurley is the Queen Of England with one facial expression. Looks funny.

Best Lines:
“Princess party animal and his royal horniness.”

“Social media rants.”

“Drugs, STDs and the occasional gang bang.”

‘And The Sea Will Tell’ (1991) promo
Richard Crenna stars in this true story miniseries.

‘Doctor Who’ promo ‘Bad Wolf’
Why did they give away the Daleks? Horribly dated, already.

‘Doctor Who’ promo ‘The Parting Of The Ways’
Daleks, Rose wears too much makeup, Jack yells and everyone has excessive bronzer.

‘The Water Diviner’ TV spot

‘Coalition’ promo

‘Raised By Wolves’ promo
Where are the fathers of all those kids? Germaine needs a slap.

All butter Belgian chocolate chunk cookies - good.
Piri Piri chicken breast escalopes - ugh.
Toffee Butterscotch choc - yum.

I am reading ‘Skin Game’.

Richard III is being reburied and it is all a bit low rent.

So what is Jim Butcher’s ‘Cinder Spires’ about?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Undisclosed incarceration history.”

“Why is it his decision?”

“Don’t you love me?”

“I’m married to my wife.”

“He gave me another STD.”

“It is a game to you.”

“Got drunk, acted possessed.”

“What she perceives about you.”

“Unstable card.”

“Stealing their mail.”

“Cam whore.”

“He stole your neighbour’s credit card and dead husband’s information.”


“Very disgusting rumours.”

“Threw a soda can at your head.”

“Scratched your car with a fork.”

“It’s disgusting to me.”

“Why are you back?”

“Absolute and utter lack of insight.”

‘Skin Game’ Quote:
“Who’s the stripper?”

‘Doctor Who’ Quotes:
“Ever since ‘Big Brother 504 when they all walked out.”

“We waited here, in the dark space.”

“Harvesting the waste of humanity.”

“Those words are blasphemy!”

“Do not blaspheme! Do not blaspheme!”

“Worship him! Worship him!”

“Who are they fighting?”

“Everything must come to dust.”

‘Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves’ Quotes:
“Because it’s dull you twit!”

“Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans! No more merciful beheadings! And call off Christmas!”

“You my room. 22:30. You 22:45. And bring a friend.”

“Something vexes thee?”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Crusade against serving food “on bits of wood and roof tiles”, as well as “chips in little buckets, flower pots and jam-jar drinks.””

“Logic and context no longer matter.”

“An inoffensive nobody.”

“A dark past and an even darker future.”

“Reynolds’ career is littered with terrible performances in terrible films.”

“Little more than another notch on his tattered belt.”

“Repulsive premise.”

“Funerals are practically compulsory.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Reckless to the point of unlawful.”

“Barely under control.”

“Which had many visits from royalty, including one by Henry VIII in which he enjoyed a 35-course lunch.”

“Being served her divorce papers on a silver breakfast platter in 1953.”

“Serious behavioural problems.”

“The hell that is out there.”

“A nightmare lunatic.”

“The list of people he had feuded with over the years is long, illustrious, and, on current form, incomplete.”

“I could still snort you under the table.”

“Brain crippling.”

“Vile pigs.”

“Made disparaging remarks.”

“Imperial bombast.”

“It lacked dignity.”

“Unlikely ever to return.”

“Listened to him through the bugs planted in his cheap chandelier.”

“Respect and attention. He got little of the former, and much of the latter.”

“A booming voice and a bosom to match.”

“A sense of obligation.”

“Any young man seen dressed like that in 18th-century Cornwall would have been horse-whipped.”

“He was very, very unfaithful.”

“They’re deluded by it.”

“A toxic notion.”

“They think everything they’re doing is hugely important.”

“Stupid rich vegans.”

“Serially outraged.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Has disappeared from the map.”

“A human zoo.”

“With off-Broadway dreams.”


“Smallpox free for 7 years.”

“Hateful laughter.”

“Stop fearing me!”

“We make the shadows.”

“Big nutrition.”

“21 lump street.”

“Walking before picture.”

“By which I mean bad-bad.”

“Goblins had feelings?”

“Two of us can make a crowd.”

“Move along. If you can.”

“I refuse to accept it.”

“Stick a forklift in him, he’s dead.”

“Emotional maturity.”

“It’s always soon.”

‘Raised By Wolves’ Quotes:
“I come from that bunk bed.”

“I have four buttocks.”

“Avert your eyes Wyatt.”

“It’ll make you feel sweaty, claustrophobic and poor.”

“A drip tray for your bits.”

“It’s your stick.”

“I’m snoodless.”

“Dead man’s face pond.”

“That’s basically a bacterial superhighway from your bum hole.”

“But don’t look him in the eye, it makes him angry.”


“Luncheon meat soup.”

“I don’t want to be wormed.”

“Mum only likes Russell Crowe when he’s angry or vengeful.”

“Wind it in Clarkson!”

“Your lady bits serviced.”

“Something I’ve got to unblock, mend or breastfeed.”

“Kill em all Russ.”
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