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Arrow 3x15 + How To Get Away With Murder 1x08 + The Blacklist 2x12 + The Musketeers 2x09 Reviewed

Nanda Parbat
Thea is devoid of function. The quietly majestic Ra’s has a bath. Nyssa rants. Nobody mentions Tommy. It’s perennially nocturnal in Starling City. Nobody thinks Lance should know how his daughter died. Oliver smugs in his power rehearsals and grotesque conventions. I feel an increasingly disconnection from him. Oliver is poisoning what he once wrought.

Thea has a psycho babbling focus on herself. The Arrowgang seems a forced collection of wilfully eccentric personality tics. Felicity and her scrawny life babbles. Thea confesses to Laurel. Ray obsesses over his sociotechnological problems. Laurel confronts Oliver over his lying. Merlyn’s ideological way needs stopping so Thea has him captured by the League. How did Thea contact the League? Oliver wants to rescue Merlyn. Why? There is a bad child actor.

Why is Oliver such an obscurantism? How are all those vigilante fights done surreptitiously? Oliver is a spiteful little creature. How did he get Nyssa in a cage? Oliver is acting in such a way as to deceive human sense. Didn’t Oliver go to Nanda Parbat to fight Ra’s? How can he not know where it is?

This show needs to be reconceptualised. Oliver is smug and insular. Everyone bows to Oliver’s whimsy too meekly. Ra’s was around in 1854. Oliver is an egotistical ass. Diggle calls Oliver his brother for some reason. Where is Sin? Felicity and Ray boff. I don’t care about Ray and his suit. Ra’s al Ghul makes Oliver an offer. WTF? This was dowdy with useless Hong Kong flashbacks.

Best Lines:
“You shouldn’t even speak to me.”

“None of you told me?”

“Some identity issues.”

“Murdered my sister and corrupted yours.”

“Vengeance is justice!”

“You will die there.”

“So far up his colon.”

“Creepily not okay.”

“I was your Horseman.”

“Or at least dignity.”

“Agony and blood.”

“What he was.”

“So take it.”

He Has A Wife
There are flashbacks to Rebecca and Lila doing coke. Meanwhile a woman’s world of rigorous order is undone by her being on trial for murdering her nanny. This show is just a collection of weird, lonely characters. Rebecca’s somewhat aggressive deliberateness is annoying. This was not authentic. Keating and her structuring misery annoys. This show is not pleasingly absurd and does not gain in scale or complexity. This was implicitly awful. Laurel and Frank boff, Connor lies, there is STD talk and affairs all round. Keating tantrums like a bitter hag. Michaela meets her future mother in law who has her measure. Frank has a girlfriend who isn’t Laurel. There is a kiss and Keating is ungrateful. Wes tantrums and Michaela steals.

Best Lines:
“Not going to steal anything.”

“I watch Court TV.”

“It sounds fake I know.”

“You’re sucking up. Stop it.”

“I broke us.”

“A Jesus obsessed control freak.”

“Use your brain instead of your penis.”

“Either sign or I cancel the wedding.”

“Go back to that nasty backwood bayou swamp you came from.”

“You’re going to regret this.”

“He’s not a good man.”

“Where is everyone?”
“Not here yet.”

The Kenyon Family (no. 71)
A cult of perverts/militia nutters is attacked by its own. Cooper’s wife is hyper-emotional. Keen and co stomp around the Kenyon family’s nation-state in the Smokey Mountains. Red grins inanely. Keen is an interfering harpy. Has Ressler’s drug addict plotline been unjustly abandoned? A massacre is uncovered, shipping containers are dug up and there are some highly unsettling twists. The FBI is lamentably stupid. Whatever soul-searing trauma is currently bedevilling them is overcome. This was dithering and vague - it started out well but descended into dullness, earnestness and market orientated mediocrity. Red has no shame and reality is uncongenial to ideological projects - manufactured reality collapses much like this show has.

Best Lines:
“The weak died.”

“Never wanted you.”

“I wish you’d stop.”

“We make Your Word our command.”

“Loathsome individual.”

“Plain spoken common sense.”

“The Church Of The Shield.”

“Doomsday paranoia.”

“The Silver Bear prophecies.”

“Ancient Druid Elder.”

“The Defiled States of America.”

“Ran off with the Uber driver.”

“Feed the turtle.”

“Your tone is insulting.”

“Our Burning Bush.”

The Accused
Constance whines and is an intransigent frump. Aramis and the Queen sulk over being held to account for their adultery. The calculating Rochefort regards people as irritating human shaped obstacles. Rochefort is a sexless censorious humiliator with no grasp of psychological reality. The Queen so enjoyed her defilement, she has no regrets. Milady bugs. Things will be irreparably altered. D’Artagnan is a stupid ass. Where are all the court servants? The Queen and the musketeers defy the King.

Catherine and Milady face each other. Constance wails - oh die bitch. Athos and Milady continue their toxic live indefinitely. Rochefort is in the Cardinal’s old rooms. Louis is poisoned. Milady and Constance both need to die for being annoying. The Queen and Aramis are guilty and intend for a bastard to sit on the French throne. Everyone overlooks that. The Queen is covered in bronzer.

Mad eye starer Rochefort plans a brute cauterisation of the Queen and her staff. The Queen and the musketeers have no recourse. People are increasingly desperate. Is this all a Spanish plan? There is an execution and an arrest. Are we supposed to cheer the violent stupid moronic ‘goodies’ for their lies, violence and smugness? This was good.

Best Lines:
“Sleeping with the Queen has consequences as you are about to discover.”

“My loyalty got the better of me.”

“You have no future without me.”

“He could not forsake me like this.”

“Save your lies.”

“She’s a murdering whore.”

“Forgive me if you can.”

“I will decide what is unwise.”

“Why are you praying?”

“I will beg you one more time.”

“The King will see what you are!”

“The King will very soon know the depths of your disgrace.”
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