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Movie Review: When A Stranger Calls

When a Stranger Calls (2006)

Jill (who looks like a little ewok) baby-sits and is menaced by creepy phonecalls but keeps answering the phone. The creepy caller is inside the house but that is only revealed toward the end. Instead we get endless Jill back-story of her bland boyfriend, slutty friend, Jill's overly large phone bill and many beauty shots of the house in the middle of nowhere. This house is so modern it had an indoor aviary and koi pond, where you just know the big confrontation will take place.

This was dull, annoying crap. Even a cameo by Derek de Lint of 'Poltergeist: The Legacy' didn't make me like this film. It was awful, unoriginal and utterly non-scary. Everyone was an idiot.

Best Lines:
"I've been getting really weird prank phonecalls all night."
"So then don't answer the phone, I'm sure they have voicemail."

"What do you want?"
"Your blood, all over me."
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