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Book Review: The Poison Apples

The Poison Apples by Lily Archer
Alice, Reena and Molly’s fun, innocent and fantastical lives are ruined when their fathers are bewitched by absurdly evil stepmothers and the daughters are banished to a boarding school far far away. Desperate for some sort of stability, the girls become friends and each mourns the severing of their relationship with their father. Their fathers have come to regard their daughters as liabilities in the lives of their untrammelled vile stepmothers who are inexplicably seen as faultless by their whipped husbands.

The trio plot revenge and along the way find a way to come to peace with their new situation - this was good. This is a warm take on female friendship and evil stepmothers.

Best Lines:
“Her eyes seemed to gleam with a kind of psychotic rage.”

“She was pretty awful.”
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