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Movie Reviews: The Double + 7 others

The Double (2011)
A Senator is murdered; a CIA knob (Martin Sheen) takes over the case and demands a retired CIA knob named Paul (Richard Gere) investigate. Paul and his unassuming persona mumbles. This movie was all sparseness. Various people think the Senator was killed by a Soviet assassin who has lurked in the USA for 20 years. An FBI agent (Topher Grace) assists Paul who disputes that assistance is needed. Paul wants to be disentangled from the CIA. Everyone is chasing Cassius a long presumed dead Soviet spy/assassin. An imprisoned Russian assassin (Stephen Moyer) escapes and there is a reveal. Then there is another reveal and later on yet another. This was worthy but dull as flashbacks reveal a tale of incalculable harm done in 1988. Also ‘Salt’ already did it.

Best Lines:
“How’d you get in here?”
“It’s what we do.”

“I shot him in the chest. He fell three stories.”
“And survived.”

“You never caught him.”
“Because he’s dead.”
“Then prove it.”

“What’s in the bag?”

“You son of a whore.”

“Messing with a creature he thinks he understands but he doesn’t.”

“Nice place to park your house.”

“Door watching.”

“Logic and stats.”

“Null hypothesis.”

“To a rusty nail.”

“As an Irishman named Ted O’Leary.”

Four Rooms (1995)
Weary gloom.

The Quiet Man (1952)
Sexist and racist ’comedy’. WTF is this?

Shaft (2000)

Harriet The Spy (1996)

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

The Illusionist (2006)
Sepia-toned, plot hole filled romance with magic.

Working Girl (1988)
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