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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 2x12 + Person Of Interest 3x12 + Gotham 1x07 Reviewed

Who You Really Are
Where is the hugely revolting Ward? May is miserable and joyless. Skye lacks human insight and Fitz the lumpen fist shoveller looms. Lady Sif wanders. Hunter and Mockingbird are ruinous. This was not compelling or taut - it was a soulless thing. Mack plots. Coulson is curtly annoying. A Kree (Eddie McClintock of ‘Warehouse 13’) is on a mission. There is a ‘Magnum PI’ joke.

Everyone fawns and slobbers over Skye until her Inhuman status comes out. Whose side are Mockingbird and Mack on? Coulson is an ass as is Fitz. Loki is not mentioned. Lady Sif tries to warn Coulson who doesn’t listen. Mack attacks Hunter - there is no emotional ferocity or warm feel.

Best Lines:
“Answer his question elderly man!”

“Nice and uninfected.”

“He might be capable of killing you.”

“How very Kree.”

“These transformed beings are abominations.”

“These creatures are weapons.”

“Your friend Skye is an atrocity.”

“Open the biofrost.”

“Who is backup?”

Control is radiating irritation despite being less rhetorically talented. Fighty Root is a hacker and an expert killer as well. There are shadowy shenanigans but this ep was just sales rack crap. There were flashbacks to Finch in 1979 and 1980. Harold wears an ugly suit and bigs up his days at MIT with Nathan and Claypool (Saul Rubinek). Control (Camryn Manheim) and her bad acting castigates Root. Reese has had it with Team Machine and mumbles and insults Fusco. Everyone praises Carter. Things get draconian. Reese needs proper orientation. Root yells. Control is presumptuous and has misinterpreted. The day is saved or is it? Vigilance is dead serious. There are truth bombs and a twist.

Best Lines:
“The Samaritan drives.”

“Of course it exists!”

“The only thing you love.”

“We’ll need some enhanced methods.”

“Just like college.”

“Nathan isn’t coming.”

“I played the tumour card.”

“Irresponsible and stupid.”

“What would Mr Reese do?”

“Go down to sewer town.”

“Time for a hammer.”

“Into the muck.”

“We trusted blindly.”

Penguin’s Umbrella
Gordon is in trouble, Bullock pulls a gun and Fish tantrums. Falcone escalates, Barbara is really annoying and Maroni is amused. Gordon plans arrests and there is overacting and chickens. Gordon has no friends and gets shot. MCU show up to apologise. Gotham is not conductive to good guys. Nuns are menaced. Penguin manipulates. Alfred looms and Bruce yells. Why is Alfred not giving the snotty little punk a slap? There is fight scene failure. Bullock makes a holy show of himself. Barbara is a moron. The ho does chores. Gordon has to fold. Then there is a twist. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“That is a good secret.”

“He’s alive?” Alive?!?”

“Walk away. Walk away.”

“This cannot stand.”


“Try something.”

“Nobody will help you.”

“Why are there rats?”

“A sarcastic and hostile edge to your tone.”

“Like such as what?”

“A bucket of crack.”

“You won’t make it to the end of the street.”
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