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Primeval Season 3 Ep 4 Review

The ARC is rebuilt already. Sarah pokes at the artefact with a brio. Bad government types have monsters and a cloaking device that can hide anomalies. It is hinted that Lester is leaving the show too. Nobody is mourning Cutter and nobody is looking for Helen. People act like morons and there are various plot contrivances. Nigel Marven makes a cameo and gets eaten by a G-Rex. Quinn shows up to replace Cutter. Abby's brother shows up for no clear reason. Jenny acts like a cow. A plane is menaced by a G-Rex and some reporters come to a bad end. Off screen so we don't know if the G-Rex ate them, stepped on them or forced them through the anomaly. This was a truly awful episode.

Best Line: "You think the creatures are frightening Jenny, you should try the civil service."
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