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Arrow 3x14 + How To Get Away With Murder 1x07 + The Blacklist 2x11 Reviewed

The Return
It is never explained why Malcolm didn’t train Tommy. Oliver has a defensive attitude to criticism. Thea and Oliver run around Lian Yu and there is bad green screen. Oliver camps next to the ARGUS jail. Slade (Manu Bennett) has been let out by Malcolm - how did Malcolm know where Slade was and how did he let him out? Slade growls, Oliver won’t stop yelling and Thea overacts upon learning she killed Sara. One wonders how Slade eats and pees in the ARGUS jail.

In flashbacks China White (Kelly Hu) plots, Robert (Jamey Sheridan) left a message for his son and Tommy (Colin Donnell) tries to control an out of control Thea. Oliver lurks looking like a crazy homeless guy whilst Lance is a drunk with hair. Thea and her seedy drug dealer hang out. Tommy looks very different to how he did in season 1. In an unsubtle moment Thea tells a concerned Tommy that he isn’t her brother. I will never understand Oliver’s conscious shunning of Tommy in the latter part of season 1. Felicity blabbers, Diggle’s brother shows up and Oliver killed Thea’s drug dealer and ruined Tommy’s birthday party. Lance was an ass to Thea, Laurel and Tommy.

What kind of slang is “so lit”? The flashbacks are full of foreshadowing. Oliver and his bad choices keeps causing wreckage. There is kung fu fighting and Oliver forever justifies himself. This was okay. How did China White get away? The US army in the form of a General (Marc Singer of ‘V’) knew about Oliver?

Best Lines:
“Those weren’t my secrets to share.”

“I’m glad he’s gone.”

“If I told you what it was, you probably wouldn’t eat it.”

“Never again will I be your daughter.”

“Some horrible accident.”

“That’s enough.”
“I agree.”

“There is no getting out of here.”

“You got dead drug dealers.”

“They’re already ashamed of me.”

“What kind of psycho.”

“He doesn’t love me!”

“This is ridiculous!”

“Alliances with terrible people.”

“You can own Armageddon.”

“I need 10 showers.”

“I would be really worried if that were true.”

“He should not have told you that!”

He Deserved To Die
The unpalatable Rebecca is plain horrible and treats Lila’s murder case as a joke. Keating has synthetic outrage. The judge (Tamlyn Tomita) grants a gag order and Griffin’s lawyer (Greg Germann) wants an exhumation order. There is talk of bacterial decay. Keating and Wes act morally superior. Rebecca and her glowering gaze has temerity. Michaela goes to what she thinks is a summer associate interview but is handed a prenup.

I think Rebecca killed Lila. Wes and his usual sound judgement likes Rebecca’s feral charm. Laurel bores, Frank berates Laurel for not sexing him and Laurel manipulates Lila’s mother. Connor carries on being ebullient. The prosecutor smugs. There is collusion and leaking. Lila is exhumed. Wes is intransigently awful. He and Rebecca get it on as Lila is re-autopsied. It is reiterated that Connor is an ass. Laurel and Frank hook up. Nate lurks. There is a revelation and flashforwards show that Rebecca did kill Sam. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Trailer trash.”

“You don’t remember my name.”

“Because releasing information that paints my client, a devout born again Christian, as a drug dealing sex crazed jock serves our cause wha how?”

“It makes me grateful for the miscarriages.”

“It’s legal to pay experts.”

“Find an expert to out-expert your opponents.”

“You slut white trash killer.”

“Fancy Ivy League boy.”

“At least she got in the room.”

“Get away from me.”

“Your daughter is pulled out of the ground.”

“Some kind of voodoo penis.”

“I tried to give you an out, don’t forget that when this all goes to hell.”

“The Thirsty Whale.”

“She said leave.”

“The townie slut.”

“Prayers are for the weak.”

“Miss the drama?”

“Don’t ever come back here.”

Ruslan Denisov (no. 67)
Keen is sick of Red’s frightening dominance of the FBI. A CIA agent pretends to be a priest. Denisov (Faran Tahir) the head of SRU plots. There is fallout from Keen’s actions earlier in the season. The flumplike Keen is all toxic bucolic, worryingly awful, glassy eyed distaste, blank faced torpor and impertinent presumptuousness.

The coldly oafish Ressler and his manly charisma and Keen are useless. Denisov is suitably chilly and is not what people think. He has shouty diatribes. Keen is an expressionless bumbling menace. Red is hectoring and intellectually oafish. This ep was miserablist and has tonal problems. Really unfortunate choices are made. This ep was really annoying and characteristically humourless with no emotional centre. Where is Tom? Why is Keen so unappealing?

Best Lines:
“I hope I’m interrupting.”

“A bit much. He can be quite melodramatic. Not to mention violent and entirely unreasonable.”

“An abduction mogul.”

“Actually in a hole in a wall.”

“Give my regards to the wife. And the mistress.”

“I’m impressed. Not with you.”

“I hope that made you feel better. Apparently not.”

“Maybe he doesn’t like you.”
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