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The Flash 1x14 + The 100 2x10 + Star Trek (1966 - 1969) 2x10 Reviewed

Ronnie and the over entitled Stein (Victor Garber) are back and they are exasperating. After several eps of stagnation, this was a vast improvement. Joe tells Barry about the mirror. Wells leads a conversation about time travel. The Wells has an aura of cracked ice. Cisco dumbs things down. The problematic Iris and her colleague wonder if Wells wanted the particle accelerator to explode and wonder what goes on inside STAR labs. Iris is entirely irrelevant. Barry shows off his speed. Ronnie mumbles about endurance doctrine.

Eiling (Clancy Brown) shows up to be punitive and he knows who The Flash is. Where is Eddie? Wells’ agenda is unrecognised. Barry defends Wells to Joe. Are the STAR labs lot getting paid or what? Wells plots, there is re-emergence and Eiling smugs. This was good. Iris sticks her nose in. There is no Linda. Barry vows to save his mom and Wells shows Eiling his idea of reasonable chastisement. In the unreality of this show, it works perfectly. Wells poses in his yellow suit as Grodd drags Eiling off to eat him or something.

Best Lines:
“We were living under a bridge, eating garbage.”

“That new hole out in the badlands.”


“Or is time plastic?”

“He’s a good person.”
“Is he?”


“Space time is a free flowing highway.”

“You seem disappointed by the prospect.”

“My destiny is to fail.”

“Burning Man himself.”

“Just like that time I stepped on a sea urchin.”

“Just don’t pee on me.”

“Some Twilight Zone level stuff.”

“I had a feeling you would be wheeling by.”

“Doesn’t look too shady.”

“Made a terrible assumption.”

“Run Barry, run.”

“That was a lot of running.”

“You guys are like 10 seasons of Ross and Rachel.”

“Yes I am and I protect my own.”

“Dear god.”
“Not god. Grodd!”

Survival Of The Fittest
Lincoln has shaved off his beard and smears himself with deer blood and limestone. Bellamy never apologised to Lincoln. The Grounders constructed language is bizarre. Lincoln tells of how he saw a ship fall from the sky as a child. Jaha blabbers, nobody listens. Murphy annoys. This show is a critical darling? Who built the Mount Weather model that Clarke and co peruse? Clarke annoys people, Byrne seems to die and the rebalancing of Grounder/Sky People relations isn’t going so well.

This show is full of minutiae like an angry killer gorilla. Where did it come from? Was that a wrecked zoo in the woods? Octavia gets a beatdown. Jaha raves about the City Of Light like Jim Jones. Bellamy’s brilliant plan is upset by a problem. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“What happens then?”
“I kill everyone.”

“I agreed to nothing.”

“This is their land.”

“Let them burn.”

“That dam withstood a nuclear war.”

“You are the enemy!”

“Step aide sky girl, we’re hungry.”
“Make me.”

“She wants more? Oblige her.”

“I need your spirit to stay where it is.”

Journey To Babel
The crew have their silk dress uniforms on. Shatner’s paunch is obvious. No-one knows the Vulcan ambassador Sarek is Spock’s father or about their adversarial relationship. The opening credits to this show are great; DeForest Kelley is in the credits. The flagship heads to Babel with a load of Federation ambassadors on board. Sarek’s wife Amanda is badly dressed (though not as bad as his second wife Perrin when she and he showed up in ‘TNG’).

There seems to be gauze over the screen whenever the camera does a close-up of Amanda. Also Amanda can’t act. She and Kirk discuss Spock. Kirk calls Spock his friend overlooking the fact that Mr Spock slaps Kirk around on a regular basis and even tried to strangle him to death one time. Let’s not forget how his mirror universe twin mindraped McCoy. What a nice chap Spock is.

Kirk is hot. A mysterious ship is following the Enterprise. Gold midgets run around. The alien food and drink seems to be bad salts. Sarek and Amanda express affection by touching fingers. The Tellarites lurk and the mask is horribly cheap and obvious. Also the Tellarite ambassador can’t (or won’t) pronounce Vulcan right. The Andorian ambassador looms like a mouth breather, his antenna are in a different position then they are in ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’.

Southern gentleman McCoy gurns. There is no Sulu or Scotty in this ep. Chekov and his bad wig stares. Kirk gets his shirt off. The Tellarite ambassador is murdered and Sarek is suspected. Then Sarek has a heart attack. Everything and the kitchen sink is in this ep. Chapel lurks. Spock and Sarek have the same blood group: T Negative. McCoy has multi-coloured disks all over his desk. McCoy has never operated on a Vulcan before and in ‘Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’ he had poor knowledge of Klingon anatomy - keep his skills consistent please.

Spock needs to give Sarek a blood transfusion. Amanda and Sarek are off putting and unappealing. Kirk gets into a bizarrely choreographed fist fight with a random Andorian. He does that a lot. Then the Andorian stabs him. Kirk calls Spock before doing a dramatic swoon. Spock is in temporary command. Kirk was critically wounded by being stabbed in the lung. This means he has his shirt off but not his boots. Spock won’t help Sarek now. Spock mutters about verifier scan and truth drugs.

Amanda is gormless, psychologically damaging and poorly informed. There is no social order with her around. Kirk drags himself out of his sick bed to get Spock back to sickbay. The stabby Andorian is not an Andorian. Paranoia and insecurity take over. Kirk is sweating as the mysterious ship attacks. Cue ideological fervour, prosaic realisation and the fake Andorian is as belligerent as Jeremy Clarkson being denied a BLT. The mysterious ship blows up in some bad SFX and Spock reveals the attackers were Orion. It was all to disrupt the Babel conference.

Spock and Sarek mock Amanda and her emotion. Kirk nearly swoons and Spock is concerned. Sarek (Mark Lenard and his rich smooth voice) became extremely popular after this ep. McCoy gets the last word. This was okay. In the books/TV/films - Spock and McCoy outlived Kirk but in real life Shatner has outlived Kelley and Nimoy.

Best Lines:
“My best officer and my friend.”

“At home nowhere.”

“You’re only 102.”

“Mrs Sarek.”

“On Vulcan the teddy bears are alive and they have six inch fangs.”

“Worry is a human emotion.”

“If I don’t kill him with the operation, the drug probably will.”

“Already pulled.”

“There has been murder and attempted murder on board.”

“Just lie there and be happy you’re still alive.”
“How’s Sarek?”
“Not good.”

“Hardly seems likely.”

“Why did you marry her?”
“At the time it seemed the logical thing to do.”

“Shut up!”
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