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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 2x11 + Person Of Interest 3x11 + Gotham 1x06 Reviewed

There are flashbacks to Skye’s mother. The chilling force of Hydra is tossed aside by TPTB for the grotesque fascination of Inhumans. Skye/Daisy is lost with her new status - I feel no sympathy for the dull off putting mall rat. Tripp is dead. Coulson doesn’t know about Skye’s earthquake powers. May is crass and absurd. The walking talking emotional dead zone Ward is not in this. This show is as sparkly idiotic as ever and still as throwaway as a baby wipe. SHIELD plan to flood the city. Coulson is rotten to the core. Mockingbird, Simmons and Skye and their idiot spaniel hair brood. Hydra heads (among them Fred Dryer of ‘Hunter’ and Kathryn Leigh Scott author of 'The Bunny Years') lurk.

This ep was not astonishingly intense or full of gothic emotion. SHIELD are becoming the real bad guys. Maybe if they had stopped blaming Ward and had listened to him, they’d be better off. SHIELD has proved completely unable to look after the world. Where is SWORD? Raina attacks. Mockingbird lies. Mack rants. Hunter the erection in a vest bores.

May and Coulson make more bizarre and foolhardy choices. This show needs to be reprofiled. Whitehall’s sidekick (Simon Kassianides) is not dead and is to be handed over to Talbot (Adrian Pasdar - who the show keeps wasting). This show is full of shortcomings. Who do SHIELD answer to? May and Coulson are unempathetic and excruciating as they carry out a stupid set up. This ep was superficial and just inept.

Simmons decides she hates all ‘special’ people and wants to kill them. She goes full obsessive furore, a consequence of mythology. Raina thought she’d be an angel not a monster and she is found by the eyeless Inhuman who doesn’t seem to be played by Peter Wingfield. There are recurrent errors. Mockingbird and Mack are plotting. Fitz is on to Skye. Hydra leaders are taken out. Fitz and Skye lie about her Inhuman status. This is a toxic brand now.

Best Lines:
“We lost, we failed.”

“I will crush them!”

“Joined our founder in the afterlife.”

“I was never fond of him.”
“We must not speak ill of the dead.”
“Why? What’s he going to do about it?”

“Let’s flood this cursed place.”

“Cactus cooler.”

“Alien crap.”

“I shot her a few times.”

“You never ask.”

“This is Lighthouse.”

“It’s horrific.”

“Erase it from existence.”

“It’s a plague Skye.”

“It only ever brings us death.”

“The Avengers wouldn’t be necessary if we hadn’t unleashed alien horrors!”

“Tripp was in fragments!”

“Tag her like a shark.”

“His dumb suit.”

“And we wait.”


Reese is all gritty and has left the team. Root reads up on false gods. Finch is fed up. Shaw is sent to save the number o’the week, Claypool, who is in peril. There are flashbacks to prodigy Finch in 1969, 1971 and 1979 that show the loneliness of his life. Claypool (Saul Rubink of ‘Warehouse 13’) and his wife (Camryn Manheim) are in peril.

There is ranting about Samaritan, sob stories and an interrogation. Shaw is in peril. Vigilance shows up. Claypool knows Harold. Samaritan turns out to be a rival to the Machine. Reese is a bully and a boor. There is an obvious twist and this was impolitic and nonsensical.

Best Lines:
“Must you do that?”

“Three man wedge formation.”

“Is everything all right?”

“Where are you?”
“Locked in an office.”

“Bourbon and soda. Hold the Bourbon.”

“Oh yes, the gun people.”

“Who are you people?”

“Bad things are still going to happen.”

Spirit Of The Goat
10 years ago a serial killer was stopped by Bullock and his then partner Dix. In the present the killer seems to be back. No one likes Ed’s riddles. Barbara has a grotesque fascination with being annoying. The MCU are after Gordon for the ‘murder’ of Penguin. Who is Miss Kringle with whom Ed is obsessed? Penguin’s mother is a crazy woman with a penchant for looking like something out of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?’.

Sean Pertwee is wasted. Bruce needs a good slap and hurts Alfred. Dix is friend and occasional foe. There is no Fish, Falcone or the ho in this ep thankfully. Renee tries to poison Barbara against Gordon. Cat teen lurks in Wayne Manor. Penguin has a bath and his mother gives him a rubdown. Penguin sees Gordon as a trusted friend. This was good but barmy with complete lunacy and oddness.

MCU arrest and drag off Gordon. Barbara annoys. Bullock cracks the case and the resolution is straight out of an old ‘Space Precinct’ ep. Aspersions are made and Penguin makes a dramatic entrance.

Best Lines:
“No heroes.”

“Some ancient murdering goat spirit.”

“No I’m not alright!”

“I’m in a déjà vu acid flashback.”

“The filthy tomcat!”

“Some hussy’s demon purse!”

“He bum-rushed me wearing animal horns.”

“We Easter egged it.”

“Copycat porn.”

“Gotham 7 goat watch.”

“This was somehow inappropriate.”

“Those are awful magazines detective.”

“Quit saying that.”

“I steamed it nice.”
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