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Book Review: Night School: Legacy

Night School: Legacy by C.J. Daugherty
Book 2 in the saga has none of the glacial charm of Book 1. Allie returns to the dark and shadowy Cimmeria Academy - any confrontation with her parents or mention of her conspiring to murder people brother does not happen. Allie’s uncongenial schooling resumes as she learns about societal constructs and the ensuing rejection by her man candy Carter.

Everyone is suddenly dumb and emotionally immature. Allie hangs out with her lascivious wannabe date rapist. The plot seems on a diverging route from the promise of Book 1. There is whispering of nefarious deeds, slap fights, horrible teachers and so much padding. This was just inept and worst of all boring. Allie has a queenly prerogative of whining overweeningly. Nobody is straight, direct and standing for something. Allie has made mistakes and keeps making them. This was appalling and a sad indictment full of aimless drifting.

Best Lines:
“There are no exceptions to this rule. Ever.”

“Try and do this in an unthreatening fashion.”

“She looks like a midget prostitute.”

“It’s not like Gary Glitter will be here."
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