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Fringe Season 1 Ep 15 Review

Inner Child

Hopefully 'Fringe' has been renewed for a second season and hopefully TPTB won't make more eps like this one. A child is discovered in a bunker that has been sealed for 70 years. It is fairly obvious the child is a young Observer but nobody on the team realises. Who does realise is a CIA agent sent to take the child in, he notes: "I think we may have found another one." Meanwhile a serial killer shows up and the empath young Observer helps Olivia catch the sick freak. Walter dances and the young Observer is packed off to a foster home.

This was a bad episode. Though if you can overlook the idiot plot and the idiocy of Olivia's sister and niece, there are some interesting hints of what is to come with the main plot arc of freakshow medical experiments. 'Inner Child' is laden with hints that Observers may come from the parallel reality described in 'Ability' and there are several hints that Peter may have come from there too.

So who sealed the young Observer in? Why is Astrid reduced to being Walter's lab tech? Why doesn't anyone realise the child is a young Observer? Why did the young Observer and the adult one seem so freaked out to see each other?

Best Lines:
"Insects, high in protein. Tastier than you may think, especially millipedes."

"There is much that is unexplained, until it is."
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