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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Musketeers’ 2x09 promo
Rochefort has the eye-patch and paranoia is layered on by his madness. Looks good.

Best Line:

Run All Night’ TV spot

‘The Gunman’ TV spot

Vanilla milkshake with crunchy honeycomb pieces - ugh.

Read an interesting ‘Hannibal’ casting spoiler.

I remember Soda Stream and Smash.

Anyone else recall ‘Willo The Wisp’?

Saw photos of the repackaged ‘She-Ra’ dolls (Castaspella, Entrapa, Frosta, Glimmer, Mermista, Flutterina and Double Mischief) and they are fugly. Also Double Mischief’s real name is Double Trouble! Though the new Kowl is very cute. And Scorpia and Shadow Weaver finally gets made into figures. Cool! The Light Hope figure is terrible in every way as is Madame Razz. Catra and her pink cat sword is very good.

‘CSI: Cyber’ sounds crap.

‘Independence Day 2’ sounds crap.

I’m on a break from ‘Hollyoaks’.

RIP Michele Ferrero creator of Kinder Eggs, Tic Tac mints, Ferrero Rocher choc and Nutella. Also RIP Mal Peet author of ‘The Murdstone Trilogy’.

I won’t review ‘Angel & Faith’ 10x12.

I will review ‘Legacy’ and ‘Fracture’.

‘16 & Pregnant’ Quotes:
“First drug test I ever passed.”

“No more weed.”

“Every day the faith goes away more.”

“Here’s my kid, you can be alone with him.”

‘Ross Kemp Extreme World’ Quotes:
“Lost out.”

“A forgotten white working class.”

“Bedsit land.”

“How long have you been taking heroin and crack?”
“Since I was 19. I’m 42 now.”

“They just throw you to the seaside town.”

“A parallel society.”

“Some of the most uneducated in the country.”

“Get 20p and sleep in the 20p toilets.”

“Keep myself safe in there.”

“In the groin, yeah.”

“Dumping grounds for the unwanted and neglected.”

“Alcohol mortality rate.”

“Just don’t open it for no-one.”

“Got significant issues.”

“Bad parenting.”

Cucumber’ Quotes:
“Claiming provocation.”

“I looked at my skin this morning. It looked like the city of Homs.”

“Hairs on your cock.”

“Cock hairs.”

“Oh Christ almighty.”

“Cry-wank yourself to sleep.”

“That’s mine you bastards!”

“All of your stuff will be on sale in a pub in Ordsall by 12 o’clock.2

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“I don’t wanna go.”


“Super upset.”

“Drunk 100% of the time.”

“Refused to come back to treatment.”

“Getting into a ton of trouble all over Texas.”

“Couldn’t take it anymore.”

“What’s he been getting arrested for?”

“Fighting people.”

“Getting stabbed in the face.”

“Trading sex for drug money.”

“When he’s not drunk, he’s a very nice person.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Smack addicted shoplifters.”

“Making fish fingers in Hungary.”

“Old men drinking on street corners before 10am, and absent buy-to-let landlords snapping up family homes, splitting them up and renting rooms to all comers, letting streets slump into disrepair, about poverty sharpening resentment of anyone seemingly getting something for nothing.”

“Two words: Spray travels.”

“With a Labour leader he habitually calls useless, and worse.”

“Who mercifully never capers.”

“Touchingly credulous.”

“Unusually meditative.”

“Leaves you wrung through.”

“Conceived in a cruise ship hot tub.”

“Whose war babies were of indeterminate parentage.”

“Nightmarish co-dependency.”

“Inveterate moper.”


“Veritable idiot magnet.”

“Lazily formatted, creeped-out nightmare.”

“Must have rolled over in his sleep and killed the tooth fairy.”

“He was just a sad old man.”

“Slack-jawed, startle eyed.”

“He won and suddenly there was hatred.”

“Electoral poison.”

“Ridiculed for being photographed grinning inanely with a banana.”

“Social gaucheness.”

“This social unease.”

“Bottles of emu oil.”

“She was sitting on a grubby playmat with a dog’s tail in her mouth.”

“As if we were completely irrelevant.”

“Urban anomie.”

“The lower end of the literary snobbery spectrum.”

“Hygienically sexy 1970s version.”

“With their Lysol and carbolic.”

“Impossible men.”

“Don’t talk ‘cleverly’ to him.”

“A progress out of falsity.”

“Watch a man called Shep smash all the crockery every time Arsenal lost.”

“Loss aversion.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Most 1950s Britons lived in houses dating back to the Edwardian period or earlier.”

“Dingy domestic drudgery.”

“Partying together in high 1980s style.”

“A series of adverts featuring adults stimulating carnal activity with an ice-cream scoop.”


“Rueing his lost job.”

“He writes contritely.”

“The complex dynamics between those who shame and those who are shamed.”

“Brutal synecdoches of their character.”

“Use the internet unofficially to police one another.”



“Neophile, frivolous.”

“Miss the mark tonally.”

“An encyclopaedic catalogue of inconsequential moments.”

“Unaffected, demotic directness.”

“Emotional intensity.”

“Action thriller manqué.”

“A seedy failure prone to hilariously misfiring scams.”

“His prolixity.”

“Sly glee”

“Dire situation.”
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