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Book Reviews: Red Queen + Silver On The Tree

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
‘The Hunger Games’ meets ‘X-Men’ in this sadly disappointing tale. Red are commoners ruled by the Silvers who posses god like powers. Mare is a Red but inexplicably she develops an ability. The Silvers hide her in plain sight and Mare plans to uses this as a schematic to bring down the regime me from the inside. But Mare isn’t as clever as she thinks she is and the love quadrangle and sadly inevitable betrayal only makes things worse. Mare is an idiot who seethes throughout this overcooked tale and is a dead jealous easily manipulated hick who finds the obvious villain’s insincere folksy specifying inexplicably compelling. She assumes are rivals are all evil idiots in her ominous self-narration. She’s the idiot. This was underwhelming, unconvincing and the pace is so slow, tedious and implausible.

Best Lines:
“Do you even know what they want? Have you even bothered to listen?”

“They reject our mercy, and they have brought upon themselves the worst kind of doom.”

“Shamed, forever.”

“The Poison Bride. She was an animos of House Viper and sent snakes into my great-great-uncle’s bed on their wedding night. They say his blood turned to venom, he was bitten so many times.”

“You wouldn’t survive the coronation night. She would do what mother did and supplant you with her own child.”

“He knows what he is, and worst of all, he likes it.”

Silver On The Tree by Susan Cooper
This 1977 novel is an overwritten disappointing end to the ‘Dark Is Rising’ sequence. The Dark is defeated through vagueness and there are ass pulls and this was just fuzzy.
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