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The Twilight Zone (1986 - 1987) 2x10 + The Flash 1x13 + The 100 2x09 Reviewed

The Toys Of Caliban
A mentally challenged boy named Toby can summon things he sees by looking at pictures. His elderly mother indulges him but his father worries. Then Miss Kemp an irritating social worker shows up to make this downbeat and unsettling tale even worse. Toby is called retarded a lot by said social worker. There is no respite care and no decency, honour or compassion.

Toby can’t bring living things. Toby gives his mother a heart attack but not intentionally. The interfering social worker is the sort of person Christopher Booker complains about. Toby brings his mother back. So Dad decides to end things by showing his son a special picture. This was good. In the UPN revival of the early noughties, they did ‘It’s Still A Good Life’ which was okay and the Katherine Heigl starring ep ‘Cradle of Darkness’ which was not.

Best Lines:

“No one makes house calls anymore.”

“Pictures momma!”

“Nothing wrong with a magazine.”

“You can’t just walk out of here.”
“Can’t we?”

“These aren’t the Dark Ages right?”

“What if he brings it?”

“It was only a squirrel.”

“Or what he might bring.”

“Pictures! Pictures!”

“You never take him outside.”

“You’ve boarded up the windows of this house!”

“A miracle, no.”

“He can’t say no.”

“Oh take it away!”

The Nuclear Man
Barry is self-absorbed and bangs Linda. Joe annoys. Eddie does nothing. Ronnie lurks. Iris shoves her nose in. Joe asks Cisco to help him re-examine the crime scene where Nora was murdered. The house is now owned by a hot divorcee (Chase Masterson of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’). Barry has flashbacks about Stein (Victor Garber) and apparently there is a book about or by Wells. Ronnie (Robbie Amell) lurks. Cisco thinks a vintage mirror could have caught photographs of the murder and makes 3D holograms out of them. Is Wells well intentioned or does he simply do whatever a person will appreciate?

Nobody noticed the blood on the wall for 15 years? Iris pulls a stunt. Stein/Ronnie is an ass who never so much as hints that he might be wrong about anything. Linda dumps Barry so Barry stomps into Iris’ workplace to call her out. He pulls his Nice Guy act to berate her for not wanting to be with him. Joe tells Cisco of his suspicions about Wells and some of it sticks. Joe is an ass.

Well suggests killing Ronnie. This has no connection to ‘Superman IV’. Snow snots. Barry eats a ghost pepper to make Linda date him again. Wells has a gun. What is Gideon? Why does Wells have a time table? What is a quantum splicer? WTF are the badlands? Why is 30 miles out of town the middle of nowhere? Why is adult Barry’s blood at his mother’s murder scene? Ronnie goes boom and the evil general (Clancy Brown) notices. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Make love, not napalm!”

“Sherry, like the drink.”

“We have hunted metahumans for less.”

“Don’t turn it on! Don’t turn it on!”

“The Super Light.”

“Or you could just not flame on.”

“That was terrifying.”

“I got you.”

“Is it really you?”
“I don’t know.”

“The other one.”

“Wells keeps secrets.”

“Dr Wells is a great man.”

“Not Ronnie.”

“Not so subtly discussing my condition.”

“That’s not freaky at all.”

“Perhaps I’m now a light beer man.”

“You all argue very loudly.”

Remember Me
Clarke’s killed Finn - oh boo you whore. A truce begins. Abbie needs a good beating. Kane is sick of Abbie’s crap. Raven screams. Bellamy won’t shut up. There is murk, people run around Mount Weather and people mumble. There is a mention of the Ice Nation. The Commander is named Lexa. There is trouble, Raven tantrums, Clarke blubbers and has a delusional obsession. This was toxic waste but not harrowing at all, so much for ferocious consequences.

Best Lines:
“They are being led by a child.”

“A big ass hammer.”

“Outsiders never withdraw.”

“So unjam it.”

“I’d step back if I was you.”

“You’re the only murderer here.”

“I didn’t have a choice. You did.”

“She’s innocent.”
“I don’t care.”

“You should run.”

“Speak true.”

“This treachery will cost you yours.”
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