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Star Trek The Original Series (1966 - 1969) Reviewed

Due to Leonard Nimoy’s passing here is my summation of TOS.

The Cage
The original failed pilot with no Kirk or McCoy and the XO is a woman. Jeffrey Hunter is Captain Christopher Pike and is okay but the plot is ludicrous.

Season 1

The Man Trap
A salt sucking vampire furry thing menaces Kirk. Spock yells.

Charlie X
A snotty teenager has powers.

Where No Man Has Gone Before
Kirk deals with a power crazed friend by punching him, a lot.

The Naked Time
Spock has a good cry.

Best Lines:
“Fair maiden.”
“Sorry neither.”

The Enemy Within
By Richard Matheson, Kirk is split in two.

The Menagerie 1&2
A clip show of ‘The Cage’ and the fate of Pike (played by a different actor). Spock rebels.

The Conscience Of The King
Is a renowned Shakespearean actor really an infamous war criminal in disguise? Why yes. Good.

Balance Of Terror
The Romulans attack.

Shore Leave
The crew take shore leave on an acid trip planet.

The Galileo Seven
A shuttlecraft crashes and Spock must save them.

The Squire Of Gothos
A super-being (who may have inspired TNG’s Q) annoys.

Tomorrow Is Yesterday
By D.C. Fontana. The ship time travels back to the 60s.

Court Martial
Kirk is set up.

Space Seed
Khan appears for the first time.

A Taste Of Armageddon
Planets wage high tech war and ‘casualties’ are willingly disintegrated. Kirk intervenes.

This Side Of Paradise
Spock trips on space spores so Kirk hurl hurls racial epitaphs at him until Spock tries to beat his head in with a chair. All to snap Spock back to normal. Why did Spock choose to be friends with this person again?

The Devil In The Dark
The Horta debuts.

The Alternative Factor
Frank Gorshin runs around.

The City On The Edge Of Forever
By Harlan Ellison and guest starring Joan Collins. I never liked it, there I said it.

Operation: Annihilate!
A ‘Puppetmasters’ rip-off.

Season 2

Amok Time
Spock goes into Pon Farr and fights and throttles Kirk in lieu of the other thing.

Who Mourns For Adonis?
A Greek god shows up.

Mirror, Mirror
The Terran Empire ep. Kirk and co end up in a dark mirror universe. Kirk parades around in his ‘evil’ uniform. Evil Spock glowers. This was an excellent classic ep to which ‘DS9’ made sequels decades later.

The Doomsday Machine
Kirk v said object. The 1st Trek ep I ever saw.

A wicked witch! The 2nd Trek ep I ever saw.

Journey To Babel
Spock’s parents visit, Kirk is stabbed and does a dramatic collapse. Spock mentions Warp 13 and this was a classic.

Wolf In The Fold
By Robert Bloch. Scotty accused! Jack The Ripper! Iffy.

The Trouble With Tribbles
Cooing furry things take over Space Station K7. Spock pets one, Klingons mutter and Kirk is deluged by tribbles. A classic and 'remade' by DS9 decades later.

A Piece Of The Action
A planet has based itself on Chicago gangs of the 1920s due to accidental ‘cultural contamination’. Kirk tries to drive and strides on a pool table. Amusing.

Patterns Of Force
The Nazi planet ep. Good.

Bread And Circuses
Romans, Gladiators and Jesus. Good.

Best Line:
“Pointy eared hobgoblin!”

Assignment: Earth

Season 3

Spock’s Brain

The Enterprise Incident
Kirk as a Romulan and Spock is shifty. Okay.

Spectre Of The Gun
A Western, utterly stupid.

Day Of The Dove
Klingons and a war mongering thing.

For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky
A bad McCoy ep.

The Tholian Web
Kirk is presumed dead, the mysterious Tholians debut.

Plato’s Stepchildren
Bloody awful.

Elaan Of Troyius
Kirk drags a reluctant bride to her wedding and teaches her to eat chicken like a lady.

The Way To Eden
Space hippies. Terrible.

The Cloud Minders
Social commentary.

The Savage Curtain
Lincoln, Colonel Green and a fight. Good.

All Our Yesterdays
Spock time travels.

Turnabout Intruder
Kirk is possessed in this horrible sign off.
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