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Book Review: Treason

Star Trek New Frontier: Treason by Peter David

It's been several years since the last 'New Frontier' novel was published and after reading this letdown, I realise I didn't miss the series all that much.

There are many, many things wrong with this book starting with the fact that it is a trade paperback which indicates it is an event novel but it isn't. The plot which takes place prior to the 'Star Trek: Destiny' series seems frivolous and there is a profound of 'so what' about the plot. Why should I care? The book is mostly set-up anyway for the latest big bad to menace the New Frontier people seeing as the Redeemers have disappeared without mention. But we are given no reason to care about this latest bunch of generic bad people and their entire cunning plan is laughable really.

People die, nobody cares. The insufferable Morgan character becomes megalomaniacal but nobody dose anything about it. Numerous plots are left hanging and a big emotional scene is dismissed in two words to happen off screen so to speak. There are the same old jokes and the same old plot contrivances and tiresome meta moments. This series was new, fresh and fun in 1997. But this isn't 1997 and David's act is tired. The 'New Frontier' universe needs a serious relaunch and overhaul. The new 'Star Trek: Voyager' novel 'Full Circle' was better than this.

Tired. Dull. Unfunny.
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