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Person Of Interest 3x10 + Gotham 1x05 Reviewed

The Devil’s Share
‘Hurt’ plays as Carter is buried and Reese rampages. There are flashbacks to 2010 and Finch being defeatist, 2005 and Dr Shaw’s career ending, 2007 and Reese being murdery and 2005 and Lionel confessing. It is such a desperate situation that Root is let out. Quinn doesn’t know when to quit. The shark like Simmons’ shifting life comes down to a fist fight. No one is left unsullied and this was good with a final twist. HR is finally dead.

Best Lines:
“Psychopathic vigilante at the scene.”
“Which one?”

“Tall, dark and deranged.”

“Dropped hum off the roof of a building.”

“He got the devil’s share.”

Doesn’t the seemingly nutty Bruce have school to go to? Alfred is impartial and ignored. Cat-teen shows up. Green vials of a drug called Viper turns users into soft sibilant crazies. The drug has nasty side effects. A busker has a sign that says: Why Lie I Need Money For Drugs. Alfred knows something but Sean Pertwee is wasted. Fish trains her weapon and rants. Maroni poses. Wayne Enterprises is behind things. This was good and blackly comic. Penguin advises Don Maroni. Edward is thrilled and Harvey is a nihilist. Where is Ivy? Viper is the prototype for Venom. There is set up for the future with the evil Mathis, Warehouse 39 and Fish’s weapon attracting Falcone.

Best Lines:
“Do not vex me, mortal.”

“Pickles, bring em.”

“Stole your ATM over milk?”

“Excited, now?”

“You have to earn that.”

“We’re not in your godforsaken freedom.”

“Ladies are in the kitchen or bed.”

“They die a horrible death.”

“Skell on skell mayhem.”

“A dishwasher in a suit.”

“Good story, well told.”

“Still putting too much sex on it.”

“Some dark moral corners.”

“I’m not hearing a sense of moral outrage.”

“I’ll help you die quicker, you terrorist!”

“What’s altruism?”

“Don’t shoot!”
“That’s considerate of you!”
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