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Book Review: The Dolls

The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan
This starts out so promisingly as Eveny returns to the small town with a secret, Carrefour. But as soon as Eveny starts learning the secrets and the crappy insta-love kicks in this goes downhill. It’s all about hierarchies that the elite engineer, immoderate quantities of not-voodoo, characters robbed of personality, an enemy who sees magic users as aggressive filth and a plot so subtle as to border on the imperceptible. With patronising attention to designer clothing and a colluding enemy to boot, this is a mess. It has a sequel but it and this should be remaindered.

Best Lines
“There’s a storm coming, and they’re the ones bringing it here.”

“I heard it was so gruesome that the police chief hurled all over the scene.”

“We are not living in an episode of The Jerry Springer show.”

“You zandara whores.”
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