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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Musketeers’ 2x08 promo

RIP Leonard Nimoy.

There is such a thing as a Guinness Easter egg.

Sundried Tomato & Basil bruschetta croutons - yum.
Seeded Spelt crackers - nice.
Coca Cola Life - a letdown.
Michel et Augustin les trillions du got aux frambises, eclats de pistache - okay.
Michel et Augustin les trillions du got aux au citron meringue- okay.

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“It’s not natural to see that sort of thing.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Just a gnawing sense that things could have turned out very differently if life hadn’t been so unfair as to land her with a husband and daughter.”

“That group of low IQ individuals who find everything alarming and who believe that raising your voice is the most effective form of communication.”

“Certainly has an underdeveloped curiosity about the world and other people.”

“Aware of being a troublesome burden.”

“My mother constantly moaned.”

“Would boil with frustration at her lot in life.”

“If this sounds like the worst kind of 1970s radical chic cliché, it was.”

“They read rubbish newspapers and watched crap game shows.”

“Working-class sulking. Dinners thrown at walls.”

“Horrible suffocating décor, dark, heavy, wooden furniture, doilies and linen.”

“Never has a generation of parents been as appalled as those of the late 1950s/early 60s.”

“The youth were hair, scary.”

“A swaggering arty-farty anomaly.”

“She will never be happy. She doesn’t know how.”

“She never individuated.”

“Financially parlous.”

“Generally terrorising anyone inside our home.”

“Imposing their will in traumatic fashion.”

“Dark games.”

‘FTWeeked’ Quotes:
“Everyone had a rose arch in their garden.”

“Christian volunteers called Club Angels.”

“All I did was take sick buckets from people’s hands, empty them into the loo and give them back again.”

“How debauched.”

“Occasional stories of delusion, cultism and worse.”

“Complicit in his death because of the tea.”

“Frequently had to be dragged out of a bar.”

“Syncretic spiritual practice.”

“Tasted of rotten leaves.”

“Found him praying in the rain to plants in his grandparents’ garden.”

“Fried sparrow heads and porcupine served with turtle fat.”

“Poison the present.”

“Understandable vehemence.”

“Coarsened by a lifetime of slights.”

“Her moral downfall.”

“Common among those with limited social interaction.”

“Epiphanic chorus.”

“Aspirational nobility.”

“Shocking reappraisal.”

“Profound and challenging.”

“Actors doing coma impersonations.”

“Garishly simplistic moist-eyed contrast.”


“Myopic national self-interest.”

“Amsterdam is refusing arrivals.”

“Germans will not be allowed off.”

‘The Dolls’ Quote:
The biggest manwhore in town.”
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