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Book Reviews: City Of Heavenly Fire + Those Above

The Mortal Instruments Book 6: City Of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
This doorstopper of a tome that ties up ‘The Mortal Instruments’ and ‘The Infernal Devices’ is a crashing bore full of padding and set up for yet another spin-off in ‘The Shadowhunter Chronicles’. Sebastian is stupid, the fairies are stupid, Emma is stupid and there is endless walking and talking and talking and walking. There are ridiculous plot gyrations and this was boring. I expected something better than this.

Best Lines:
“He’s long dead,”

“Demons are just angels who make poor life decisions.”

“You know my people cannot survive in the poison lands.”

“Jocelyn expected that he was a great deal like his father.”

“I’d be happy if they were dead.”

“Whom no one wanted to remember.”

“The repetition of old mistakes.”

“The shadow may not descend for years yet.”

Those Above: The Empty Throne Book 1 by Daniel Polansky
This was an excellent high fantasy (or a sly high fantasy parody). Those Above have ruled their human subjects for 3000 years. Those Above are either elves, fairies or aliens but whatever they are they are unfathomable, emotionless and feared. A widow has spent decades building a political base and planning the overthrow of Those Above. A famous general is summoned to build a new army. A guttersnipe sickened by his life dedicates himself to a new cause. And a slave of Those Above who does not yet realise she is a slave serves her inhuman master with love and devotion. I can’t wait for more. Who are Those Above and how has human history been so thoroughly erased?

Best Lines:
“What she held in her hands might get her killed, and not swiftly.”

“Friends became enemies, enemies became corpses.”

“He wore undergarments of the sort frowned on by the more decent type of whores.”

“We dig our holes and then fall into them. All Eudokia had done was provide the shovel.”

“Eat, or become food.”

“Stood around trying to look tough, and mostly succeeding.”

“Next time you go listening at doors, make sure you understand everything you’ve heard.”
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