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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Raised By Wolves’ promo

‘The Following’ season 3 promo

‘Unfinished Business’ TV spot

‘American Crime’ promo

Orange & Chocolate seed shot - nice.
VCH lima lemon - okay.
Cajun Quarter Pounder - very good.
Minter Wonderland ice cream - okay.
Luxury Valencia Orange yogurt - good.
Honeycomb choc - okay.

I will review ‘The Life of David Gale’, ‘Journal of the Plague Year’, ‘Night School’ and ‘The Dolls’.

‘Broadchurch’ has been renewed? WTF?

‘Moone Boy’ Quote:
“I don’t think he diluted that. I think he’s drinking it neat.”

‘10,000 BC’ Quotes:
“He’s toxic.”

“If the apocalypse came, I’d be rubbish.”

“Stone Age people were mad.”

“These people don’t deserve me.”

“Toilet in the woods, not washing, no make up.”

“They must have been so miserable in the Stone Age.

“I’m not sure how.”

“There is hair everywhere.”

“Go away!”

“The group remains meatless.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You need to be in a morgue.”

“Not the best.”

“He was stealing your pain meds?”

“Which is completely false.”

“I started seeing the Facebook.”

“It’s all over the internet.”

“All over their internet.”

“Buys foil to make a tinny.”

“Dies unnaturally.”

“A safe classy level.”

“Nasty and disgusting.”

“The problem solving skills the two of you don’t have.”

“Shame on the both of you.”

“Deep sickness in a human being.”

“Riot police show up at his door.”

“Very mentally unstable.”

“I’m a pathological liar?”

“You don’t matter at all.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Social attitudes of the time.”

“Less public understanding and acknowledgement.”

Kane Quote:
“I buried my brother alive, twice. Since then I’ve set a couple of people on fire and abducted various co-workers. Oh and I, uh, once electrocuted a man’s testicles. Years ago I had a girlfriend named Katie but let’s just say that didn’t turn out too well. My real father is a guy named Paul Bearer, who I recently trapped in a meat locker. I’ve been married, divorced, broke up my ex-wife’s wedding and tombstoned the priest. And for reasons never quite explained, I have an unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Jack isn’t in jail, he’s picking up trash at Jason’s eating disorder clinic. Peri tells Tom she’s pregnant. To be blunt Tom doesn’t look mature enough to father a child. Theresa gets a job as a school secretary and can’t spell secretary. John-Paul somehow has his job back. Patrick and Trevor square off.
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