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Person Of Interest 3x09 Reviewed

The Crossing
HR target Carter and Reese. HR kills a corrupt Judge. Reese and Carter try to hand Quinn over to the FBI. Reese’s number has come up. Bad people chase Reese and Carter. Finch ignores Root. There is Rinch subtext but Reese isn’t Finch’s first helper monkey. HR punch out and menaces Fusco. I’m sick of HR. Carter and Reese compare scars in a scene ripped off from ‘Return of Swamp Thing’. TPTB bang the Carter/Reese ship crap some more. Reese is arrested, Quinn will not stop orating and Carter hands Quinn in. Simmons gets away as HR is brought down off-screen. Carter has figured out about the Machine. Carter gets to be a detective again but not for long. Fusco recovers and his son seems un-traumatised. There is sap. Simmons pops up to shoot Reese and kill Carter. Finally. I HATED this ep, enough with HR. This show had disappeared up its own ass.

Best Lines:
“That bitch cop.”

“Shoot to kill.”

“I have some very bad news.”

“Is the big lug in trouble?”

“You’ll be doing a lot of that.”

“You’re welcome to my dirty jock.”

“What was that?”
“A sedative, I think.”

“I may not be back at all.”

“Where to shoot first?”

“Follow me dammit.”

“Told you I’d end you!”
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