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Movie Reviews: The Abominable Snowman + 3 others

The Abominable Snowman (1957)
A black and white Hammer movie about sexist, racist noxious men who go looking for the Yeti. Nobody is sonorous as they Yeti hunt. This was a bloated, slow burning narrative with no tension or character development. ‘Tibet’ looks like Snowdonia. The plot is seriously rough. A Yeti trap is ludicrously stupid, a Yeti hand and face briefly feature and this was a sadly failed movie. Still co-star Peter Cushing goes for it like he is doing Lear at the RSC and no wonder Hammer made him their tent pole star.

Best Lines:
“Perhaps we’re the savages.”

“Waiting for man to die out.”

“That creature.”

“Savage thing.”

“The ignorant natives or the filthy food they eat.”

Orphan (2009)

Run Fat Boy Run (2007)
Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran are tedious.

Air America (1990)
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