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Lost Season 5 Ep 12 Review

Dead is Dead

Ben stumbles around the island in a state of shock as Locke is smug, Sun is clueless, Lapidus gets bashed on the head, Cesar gets shot and Illana proves to be a bad one. Meanwhile flashbacks reveal that Widmore is a tool of the highest order.

This was good with some notable moments: Ben calls Locke "dangerously deranged", that's funny and Desmond beat up Ben, that was deserved.

Where did Widmore's horse come from? How did Widmore get such power? What happened in the Temple to little Ben? What's in the crate? how did little Ethan become such a fanatical Other? If Ben stole Alex how come Danielle didn't recognise him when she had him in her net years later? What are the whispers? Why did Widmore want Danielle dead? Did Dharma know about the tunnel under the Barracks? What does Ben mean by saying the Others don't even have a word for the smoke monster? How does Ben summon the monster by emptying a rock pool? Who is Penny's mother? If one of Widmore's sins was to leave the island regularly then why did Richard do it with impunity? If Widmore couldn't get back to the island, how could Ben? Why did the Others built a wall to stop people seeing the Temple? Were the people on the Ajira plane all plants? What's with the hieroglyphics? What's Richard's status on the island that even King Tool Widmore backed down from a confrontation with him?

Best Lines:
"The island chooses who the island chooses."

"Dead is dead, you don't get to come back from that. Even here."

"Your father is a terrible human being."

"What lies in the shadow of the statue?"
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