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Book Review: Christopher's Diary: Echoes of Dollanganger

Christopher’s Diary: Echoes Of Dollanganger by V.C Andrews
The follow up to ‘Christopher’s Diary: Secrets of Foxworth’ sees Kane and Kristin obsessed with Christopher’s diary to the point that they read it out loud while dressed up and pretending to be the Dollanganger siblings and act out scenes from it in creepy fashion. Meanwhile Kristin’s father continues to work on the secretive and mysterious rebuilding of Foxworth Hall.

Everyone is obsessed with the children who spent years decaying in the attic as Corinne put her own convenience ahead of theirs. They were a problem that no one seemed to care about. This is a good tale of choices, consequences and inappropriate conversations. Everyone needs a personal growth plan and everyone needs to change elements of their thinking and behaviour.

Like in the TV movie, the sexual encounter between Cathy and Christopher is softened and make consensual. Toned down and prettified so no-one has to deal with the ugly reality. He choose to do wrong and yet got away with his sexually maladaptive behaviour. This was an enjoyable read with an extreme dramatic reveal on the final page.

Best Lines:
“I mean, come on. The old man’s about to die, but he can attend a Thanksgiving dinner? What’s with that?”
“I know. I wondered about that, too.”

“It wasn’t going to end well.”

“Corinne is probably still in the loony bin.”

“His lost brother and sisters.”
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