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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Indian Summers’ 1x02 promo
More unrest and staring. No.

‘The Boy Next Door’ TV spot

I adore Heidelberg Kiss chocolate.

A snoring hummingbird is aawww. A squeaking desert frog is WTF?

Dear houseguests: if you want breakfast, get up and get it yourself. I am not a servant. Stop shutting windows and leaving the heat on all night. Wash your own damn dishes and get out of bed. Two departure dates have passed and they’re still here. BTW buy some toenail fungus cream you need it. Also if a door is shut, don’t open it. If someone is asleep in bed, don’t announce your business to them and when you fall in the front door late at night could you desist with the door slamming, coughing and sneezing that are a trifle overloud. Houseguests leave the fridge door wide open and radios on. THE HOUSEGUESTS HAVE LEFT - PRAISE JESUS!

‘Christopher’s Dairy: Echoes of Dollanganger’ Quote:
“Malcolm and Olivia Foxworth weren’t particularly liked and were considered rich, raving, religious maniacs.”

‘16 and Pregnant’ Quote:
“There isn’t nowhere to go!”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Their often dreary settings can age you by about four decades.”

“Uncop-operative, teddy-hating, vomit-prone.”

“To vomit out lyrics for other artists.”

“Having champagne thrown in your face.”

“Hardened into chalky worm a centimetre thick.”

“Wallpaper-paste bread.”

“This whole section of northern Russian was to be emptied for future resettlement by Aryans.”

“Trailing half the garden in his long fur.”

“Just emotional gruff.”

“Shed-dwelling codgers.”

“Teams of wantons of both sexes, selected as experts in deviant intercourse...copulated before him in triple unions to excite his flagging passions.”

“Of fortie, threescore, or a hundred maides going to the wood over night, there have scaresly the third part of them returned home againe undefiled.”

“A bizarre peregrination.”

“Trouser infection.”

“One does not expect such smut from a group of women involved in the WI.”

‘Gone Girl’ Quote:
“Otherwise I don’t exist.”

“Steal pregnant idiot’s urine.”

“He became someone I did not agree to marry.”

“He apologized to you by busting you a good one.”

“An ass like a 20 year old stripper.”

“Whatever they found, I think it’s safe to assume that it’s very bad.”

“Every time you said something stupid, I thought: maybe he’s just stupid.”

Gone Girl’ commentary Quotes:
“That is the most inappropriate smile.”

“A walk and talk.”

“Horror story of his own creation.”

“Over-taking an interest.”

“Unspoken frustrations.”

“Becoming very unseemly.”

“Scatter like cockroaches.”

“Weirdo in the woods.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Without that whole ‘trawling the streets of the East end looking for rent boys’ thing, obviously.”

“They would come around in the house and smash in the door looking for him.”

“The door had been broken down so many times that Dad ended up barricading himself into the house.”

“Two women with buggies were swinging at each other.”

“There’s always something simmering beneath the surface.”

“Challenge one another theatrically to fist fights.”

“Feuding among the men folk.”

“A series of threats were issued.”

“Bitter and long-lived blood feuds.”

“An episode in the cemetery involving men wearing bullet-proof vests with machetes.”

“Some mothers have notions about their children.”

“How do you prevent irritation, exhaustion and familiarity from grinding away at the love.”

“Allowing love to be covered up by so many layers of indifference, boredom, resentment and irritation.”

“More than usually unreasonable.”

“An East End yob.”

“Scrum of domesticity.”

“Filth, raunch and perversion so heightened.”

“Wanted partners he could control.”

“She was reportedly frustrated when nurses didn’t recognise her.”

“Neanderthal vituperation.”

‘SciFiNow’ Quotes:
“The howling ghosts of history.”

“To not take up space.”

“Sad, erratic end.”

“Teaches him about beauty and happiness.”

“It was overhyped, oversold and overbought.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I just drank like 10 beers.”

“Cardboard Casanova.”

“Sleeps in a cardboard box on the sidewalk.”

“Does homelessness differently.”

“Where do you sleep?”
“On the sidewalk.”

“I tried going to college.”

“Marijuana related incident.”

“Underneath the bench.”

“Seem to be happy to be homeless.”

“Being on the street, it’s fun.”

“Drinking to not think about things.”

“My grandma found a mountain of cocaine.”

“Difficult and depressing existence.”

“Come to a bad end.”

“You’re going to be dead, soon.”

“Even entertain re-engaging with you.”

“You’ve got one friend.”

“Just don’t stare at me anymore.”

“I despise my decision making.”

“You have to be very lonely.”

“You victimise everyone you’re around.”

"A rude tone."

"Your mother measuring stick."

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Lurking sympathetically over the dying Shakespearean hero.”

“Reeks of west London before gentrification took over.”

“All-purpose foreign.”

“With less bitterness than that outrageous remark demands.”

“Gravely evil.”

“Barely concealed hostility has broken out.”

“Knit-your-own hemp.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Forever sneaking off to see posh mistress Jan and impregnating Michelle Fowler on the pub carpet.”

“Glam but brittle.”

“Her bubble perm trembled neurotically.”

“In a turkey coma.”

“To bawl at idiot offspring Ricky for tinkering wiv the motors or evil offspring Janine for murdering another husband.”

“Parade of Hogarthian trolls.”

“People like him are not capable of love.”

“This film is like an instruction manual for a psychopath.”

“All mouth and midriff.”

“To find her junkie mother passed out amid used needles.”

“The concerted effort to erase her from history.”

“Twisted and draped and deconstructed.”

“Exploding watermelons.”

“Amorphous adverse condition.”

"60 volumes of Alpine adventures and German vocab tests."

"A time when any number of people could be found wandering around in white robes making obscure prophecies."
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