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Vorkosign Adventure books Reviewed

Vorkosign Adventure books by Lois McMaster Bujold

Shards of Honor
Miles’ parents meet in a novel adapted from a ‘Star Trek’ fanfic. Miles’ parents were far more interesting than him. Excellent.

Civil war, Cordelia fears horses and an indolent and unwashed enemy gets got. Excellent. Miles is born.

The Warrior’s Apprentice
Miles rebels in a display of the anatomising of a psychotic masculinity. Okay.

The Vor Game
Miles has to save his cousin the Emperor. Okay.

Brothers In Arms
Miles’ evil clone double Mark and his emotional squalor debuts. Excellent.

Borders Of Infinity
A collection of short stories about Miles’ unnecessary punitive adventures as an undercover mercenary. Excellent.

Mirror Dance
Miles dies (only for a while) and Mark visits Miles’ parents which exacerbates problems. An enemy with major bitterness lurks. Mark is someone to avoid and ignore. Excellent.

Miles and Ivan visit the Empire that once invaded their planet and uncover a reeking plot and an unrepentant baddie with no rational goals. Good.

Miles meets his wife to be; only she’s married to an abusive nutter. Good.

A Civil Campaign
Gregor gets married. Good comedy ensues.

Diplomatic Immunity
Everything is tied up neatly in this good 2002 novel until Bujold brought the saga back with the 2010 ‘Cyroburn’ and the 2012 ‘Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance’.
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