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Indian Summers 1x01 + Person Of Interest 3x08 + Gotham 1x04 Reviewed

Indian Summers 1x01 (2015 - 2016)
Channel 4’s big 10 part event drama that they insist is not a ‘Jewel In The Crown’ knock off. It is 1932 and the British rule an entire subcontinent. The working class Cynthia (Julie Walters of ‘Adrian Mole’) runs a posh club that has a ‘No dogs or Indians’ sign. The Indians are rankled by the pompous posturing. There is a potential threat of rebellion by the colonized but the colonisers won’t listen to the obvious unrest but this is undercut by the fact the no-name actors mumble all their lines.

Channel 4 has been promoting this for weeks and it under whelmed. The Viceroy Lodge is vandalised by a follower of Ghandi. There is pretty scenery but this was so slow. The British in India drink, have resentment and a twisted sense of entitlement. And that’s just the women, the men are slaves to ethnocentric thought and masculinity, both so extreme as to be laughable.

Bottomless pit of need Alice and her morally repugnant brother Ralph party ignoring how imposed cultural values don’t cover up the severe social problems, aggression and violent disorder. There is religious strife and yet this is not substantive and seems part of a hopelessly dated genre about the mythopoeia of Empire. There are no witty apercus, no utter conviction and I don’t get the point of the bearded man who wanders around overlooking his family.

Indian junior clerk Aafrin wants to overcome societal expectations. Some woman is childish and chippy. This is not a tragic commentary nor was it robust it was in fact disingenuous with too much shagging. An American man is chiding and corrective. Exaggerated offensive is taken, there is fighting over a dress, Cynthia wheels and deals, Alice fakes being a widow and an assassin with bad aim attempts to strike. Ralph the would be Richard E Grant type smoothie broods in his bath as an Indian scrubs him down. I am done.

Best Lines:
“That would require logic and forethought.”

“I stand corrected, again.”

“A possible cholera incident here in the hills.”

“Don’t come after us.”

“He would have been very proud.”
“Would be?”

“You are the male heir.”

“That woman is wearing my dress.”

“Dinner, how jolly.”

“Lucky girl. Wash your hands before dinner.”

“All so very long ago.”

“The King-Emperor!”

The machine spits out 38 numbers. Reese says Bear needs a canine ballistic vest. HR and the Russian mob go to war. It’s a voluble situation. Carter gets flashbacks to earlier in 2013, 2005 and 2008. They mostly involve the impecunious Carter nagging and banishing her babydaddy. The difference between season 1 Carter and season 3 Carter is obvious. Reese does a creepy monotone. Elias the rubbish gangster disseminates bon mots.

Carter has created the war between HR and the mob. The disjunct between public perception of Quinn and reality is finally uncovered. Carter exemplifies dumb and whips out a big gun. The FBI shows up. This season needs to be rejuvenated. Carter makes the mistake of choosing badly. This was dull despite gunfights and a cliffhanger.

Best Lines:
“It’s not a lawnmower Mr Reese.”

“Tell me you didn’t use the front door.”
“I never do.”

“Stir with vinegar.”

“This looks like something you would do.”

“That’s my grenade launcher.”

“Kill em and bury em.”

“HR is moving against us.”

“Choose wisely.”

“I’ll spare you the Shakespeare quote.”

“Lots of dirty cops between here and there.”

Penguin jokes. Gordon yells. The duo forms an odd alliance. A weird hitman kills people. Fish plots. Arkham is to be redeveloped. TPTB have undeserved faith in the horrible child actor playing Bruce Wayne. Falcone and Maroni plot war. Bruce rambles about Arkham Asylum. Ed lurks. Penguin plots. Barbara whines and makes ultimatums. Gordon yells. This was dull. The Mayor is in peril. There is bad singing. Fish hires Lila after challenging her and the other candidate for the job to fight for it. Cue a chick fight in miniskirts, prostitute shoes and trashy tights. There is an obvious twist. Lil Bruce Wayne needs to shut up. This show is wasting Sean Pertwee.

Best Lines:
“He’ll kill us both.”

“That vile creature Fish.”

“You saved my life.”
“God knows I wish I hadn’t.”

“The crown prince of parking lot muggers.”

“You can’t be this lazy.”
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