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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Musketeers’ 2x06 promo
Oh, looks good.

‘Focus’ TV spot
No to the toxicity and paranoia.

‘Enter Nowhere’ aka ‘The Haunting of Black Wood’ (2011) trailer
Hell no.

‘The Green Inferno’ trailer
Hippies get eaten by an uncontacted tribe. Yay!

I read the pulpy soap ‘Return To Eden’ years ago.

James Franco is to star in the TV show version of ‘11/22/63’!

Drea de Matteo to join ‘Agents of ‘SHIELD’?!

Anyone else recall the 1993 mock documentary ‘CB4’?

I love funnel cake.
Pretzel M&Ms - okay.

Saw a magpie washing itself in a puddle - aawww.

RIP Steve Strange.

Houseguests eat huge amounts of food yet steal salt and vinegar crisps that don’t belong to them. They can’t unload the dishwasher without drama. They moan about the dishwasher tablets, claim to have a lack of money, mess up the recycle pile and obsess over milk and bread. Then they moan about pepper, the pepper pot, the thickness of the frying pan and the status of the cooker. Then they move on to whining about heaters. Bloody houseguests hog the papers, tone police and monopolise the kitchen so no-one else can use it like thoughtless lazy spoilt 5 year olds. Who eats boiled bacon? They do. Houseguests snot, are rude yet claim to be “fragile’ and “ill” so they can get away with it all. Ungrateful attention seeking houseguests eat plum cakes and whine that they aren’t cake - they are dessert. Piss off just piss off and LEAVE!

‘The Sun’ Quotes:
“Tried to stab her mum after a violent row.”

“Abi almost drowned Lauren on Halloween.”

“We’ve seen Abi attack her sister, stalk her dad and run over a dog.”

“I can’t pretend I didn’t enjoy that.”

“It’s a very unfamiliar thing.”

“Stacey revealed to ex-lover Max that she had killed rapist Archie Mitchell with a clump from the Queen Victoria bust.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Thomas Cromwell was, in fact, a detestably self-serving, bullying monster.”

“On at least one occasion he had the fake relic and the custodial friar burnt side by side. Witty, that.”

“Imaginative interpolations.”

“Should candidly rejoice.”

“Richard III’s inconvenient nephews.”

“Unconsidered trifles.”

“Absurdly unread.”

“The alien strangeness of the past.”



“More credibly horrible.”

“Eerie stone effigies of knights lying on the ground.”

“John’s death a year later, supposedly from a surfeit of cider and peaches.”

“Middle-class dissatisfaction.”

“Openly panning his e-waste.”

“Tasted of cigarette filters and damp sacking.”

“Well-meaning cultist fools.”

“To the homes of the unsuspecting in an attempt to convert them.”

“Absorbed in his own brilliance.”

“Staff were routinely subjected to “bollockings” even “chucked in the bin”.”

“Self-conscious masculinity.”

“He held a customer’s mink coat ransom when her husband refused to pay their bill.”

“He is shown bare-chested and holding a shark.”

“Sending a catastrophically destabilising message from an extra solar planet.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Keep those unspeakable Huns out of our islands.”

“It’ll mean knocking off buns, I suppose.”

“Posh-girl thuggery.”

“Telling is how awful he is and how difficult her life is.”

“Spoilt, nasty piece of work.”

“Disastrously remained as a scowling corset-wearing Juggalo-type.”

“Heroin addicts scratching their facial sores in picturesque surrounds.”

“A stream of methadone patients and foodbank users.”

“Thought they were already famous.”

“Father kept his mouth tightly shut when I asked him what it was.”

“Bullet-headed hoodlum.”

“A shaven meerkat of lust.”

“Young flicky hair.”

“Like a lovely English scone with a big maggot at its core.”

“If he’ll keel over mid-rant.”


“Led by his codpiece.”

“Lyrical malevolence.”

“Where more circumspect performers invite speculation through their very cautiousness.”

“Quite hard to care about him.”

“Everyone always imagines he’s high.”

“Delusional behaviour that insulates them.”

“Intellectual impoverishment.”

“Numbed tragedy.”

“I’d rather get another PhD than acquire a heroin habit.”


“Like an apocalyptic Pedigree Chum ad.”

“DVD disaster trash.”

“Deflated the Biblical vibe somewhat.”

“With strained generosity.”

“Confers retrospective power on what has gone before.”

“Stagily preposterous.”

“A bit tinny and irritating.”

“Shouty vegan anarchy-syndicalism.”

“Intricate concept albums.”

“Throwing his excrement around on stage.”

“Scrupulously enforce.”

“Dismissed as paranoid.”

“Serious objections from critics.”

“Yelling into space is reckless.”


“They’ll come here and strip-mine the Earth.”

“Enforced dilapidation.”

“Brandishing an alarmingly large pair of secateurs.”

“Painfully wrought.”

“Sensed hostility from him.”

“Obligation chocolate.”

“Laboriously clunky.”

“Declared persona non grata in my own country.”

“A Kantian view of the world.”

“Preposterous benefits.”

“Good, handsome whores.”

“A houseful of plastic tat.”

“Grunting ingrates.”

“Hate-filled eyes and a complete disregard for double yellows, hell-bent on blocking the roads for everyone else.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quotes:
“When Nathan was in prison. That seemed tough for you.”

“They turned their back on me.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“No good bastard.”

“This little whore.”

“No whores allowed is what I put on the front door.”

“You’re not getting in this time.”

“Who’s the Russian?”

“I picked up the mug and let him know what a bitch really is.”

“He’s texting me divorce papers.”

“I get my frustrations out.”

“You were drinking!”

“It just felt appropriate.”

“I can’t see why.”

“Did you throw a 10 inch rock at him?”

“My mom is a psycho.”

“She’s going to burn the house down.

“Your mother is violent and dangerous.”

“Poor victims.”

“You don’t deserve an I’m sorry.”

“I called the cops three times.”

“This is where you punched your mother?”

“You’re not on welfare!”

“I’m on impulse control medication.”

“I can’t take it anymore.”

“I can’t live with a liar.”

“I don’t want him anymore.”

“That’s antagonistic.”

“Pulling plywood off.”

“You’ve lost your place.”

“This is how people get hurt.”

“Step aside, we will.”

“Calm and predictable fashion.”

“Put me in jail!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Those were some dubious poses.”


“Fanny magnet.”

“Its undoubted brilliance.”

“A suspicion of cleverness accompanied revulsion at the diseased public polity.”

“Chocolate-commercial chic.”

“Too much stupidity eventually killed it off.”

“His gentle banter is equally unwelcome.”

“Hateful neighbour.”

‘Gone Girl’ Quotes:
“You really don’t like him do you?”
“What’s to like?”

“Flyover boy.”

“Knowing she would be sitting there dissatisfied.”

“Are they super-twat’s?”

“So we are dealing with a 20 year old who isn’t sure where she leaves her undies?”

“The blood is profuse.”

“You need to bleed. A lot. A lot, a lot.”

“Found himself a newer, younger, bouncier cool girl.”

“He doesn’t get to win.”

“As long as you don’t own a python and blast death metal at 4am.”

“Hot little skank.”

“Come home Amy, I dare you.”

“That is the most disgusting thing I ever heard.”
“Thank you.”

“Your hair’s dyed all hamster.”

“Why is she dressed like a babysitter?”

“The girl with the giant come on me tits.”

“She’s air.”

“That love ended today.”

“He buys, I nag.”

“Fire doesn’t erase blood.”

“May I go back to where I was being held prisoner by a man with a history of mental problems?”

“Your deeply incompetent hands.”

“I can’t watch you play house with that thing for next 18 years.”

“What’s the laptop for?”

“Cat’s room on the end.”

“Whoever took her is bound to bring her back.”

‘Gone Girl’ commentary Quotes:
“The tragedy vampire.”

“Her enforced isolation.”

“White trash hub.”

“Truly fear Amy.”

“Just about ready to flip this vehicle over and kill everybody inside.”
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