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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Man From Uncle’ (2015) trailer
It is 1963 and I don’t care.

‘Poltergeist’ (2015) trailer
Sam Raimi directed this? WTF? Why is Jared Harris doing a bizarre Irish accent? A clown doll attacks and the giant plasma screen TV is full of hands. This looks crap.

Best Line:
“They already know what scares you.”

The Blacklist’ promo
Die Liz die.

‘Jessabelle’ (2014) trailer
A girl in a wheelchair in a remote house after an accident uncovers vhs tapes from her mother, tarot, magic, candles and this looks good.

Best Line:
“I have been watching over you.”

‘Game of Thrones’ promo

‘Supernatural’ promo
Vindictiveness and will this show end? Preferably soon.

Best Line:
“There’s no putting the angels back in Heaven.”

‘The 100’ 2x07 promo

Smitten Chicken wrap - no.
Toffee & Carmel yogurt - okay.
Chocolate cupcake - very good.

Will we ever get to see the uncut version of the 2009 ‘Tormented’?

I can still recall my trip on the London Eye.

Another new Spiderman?

I’m on another break from ‘Hollyoaks’.

Nearly lost a nail at the supermarket self service checkout, did I need chocolate that badly? Oh my, yes.

The houseguests still won’t leave. They spill tea and won’t clean it up, won’t open windows and complain that it is freezing cold when it isn’t. They are unpleasant, lazy, thankless and full of disingenuous quips. They drop crumbs, whine, snot, sit on their asses, snore after noon, think every dish is theirs, won’t shut doors, complain and won’t leave and play music too loud. Bloody houseguests won’t empty bins and you don’t want to look at their internet history - eeewww.

The Simpsons’ Quote:
“I look like cable TV!”

‘Friends’ Quotes:
“I served the best air.”


“I don’t live here.”

‘The Last Days of Anne Boleyn’ Quotes:
Clear evidence to 16th century minds of evil doing.”

“His wife is not a good woman and his marriage is not blessed by God.”

“His infatuation with Anne Boleyn was over.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A sad pathetic man.”

“You were drunk.”

“A good, trustworthy man.”

“A personal weapon of vengeance.”

“Self-confessed screw up.”

“Indecent liberty.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Those unsuited to exams.”

“Abrupt escalation.”

“Suspicious injuries.”

“Referred to a train ticket inspector as a “fat bastard”.”

‘City of Heavenly Fire’ Quote:
“Clary made a gesture she hoped conveyed her murderous intentions toward all things evil.”

‘Tormented’ (2009) Quotes:
“I think I can hear a whining noise.”

“Your emo tit-wank.”

“Your little willy!”

“You boy, do not look.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Creatively “disrupting” what went before.”

“I’ve sat in the back of enough dirty cabs and been insulted by enough drivers.”

“Do we really want to live as a precariat,”

“A content snob.”

“Indifferent to creativity.”

“Anonymous people on Reddit spreading rumours, angry people on Twitter.”

“Compounding our rage.”

“The internet is becoming structurally parochial.”

“Little ideological and cultural networks.”

“You’re served with what they know will suit you.”

“1970s cleavage was everywhere.”

“As dated as Teletext.”

“Clenched smiles and gentle applause.”

“Glinting eyes and Oral-B enamel.”

“You keep on diminishing art.”

“This whole malarkey.”

“She was not made welcome.”

“We were very popular with every building site in the city.”

“Derogatory information.”

“Held for “appropriate attention”.”

“Publicly denouncing and ridiculing him.”

“Cool curatorial phrasing.”

“Complex historical pattern cutting.”

“Avant garde construction.”

“Cutting fabric on the body.”

“We’re not talking about the models feelings here. We’re talking about mine.”

“Why it has the capacity to outrage.”

“Abrasive East End persona was not an easy fit in the fashion industry in the early days.”

“He wasn’t allowed into the Vogue office where she worked, “because the other girls thought he was going to steal their handbags.”.”

“You wanted to be in his gang, whatever it took.”

“Like a magic porridge pot of creativity.”

“Crazy show-concept meetings where everyone was shouting and swearing and knocking over jugs of water.”

“He had polished concrete floors before anyone else did.”

“Tough and unyielding.”

“May have undone years of hard work.”

“Enforced juice fasts.”

“Wanting to deny choice to others.”

“Never had the luxury of that illusion.”

“Dismayed with the state of online discourse, in which, he claims censorious, overzealous young progressives are working to silence leftwing stalwarts such as himself.”

“Your lived experience is frivolous.”

“To crawl, incrementally, out of the toilet.”

“Because “getting along”, in its present incarnation, means, tolerating an oppressive status quo.”

“All-round bumptious idiot.”

“The stupid haircuts, the meaningless catchphrases...the massive self-regard, the daft fashion statements.”

“The hallmarks of the modern creative layabout.”

“Comically po-faced, self-righteous documentary.”

“A Hoxton idiot.”

“Daily Mail Island.”


“Destroy something with its own logic.”

“Deaf to me and wasn’t concerned.”

“They whip women for wearing bras, have pledged to prohibit the internet.”

“Distraction techniques.”

“It’s very competitive, the crate-digger world.”

“It’s basically drugs, guns and murders. Mainly.”

“That’s the worst practical joke I’ve ever heard.”

“A bootful of emergency limes for Fleetwood Mac.”

“A long, melancholy list of condiments.”

“I shall leave the Harpa Concert Gall to their cannibalistic, flesh-eating bloodlust.”

“Her ignorance was all the more glaring.”

“There’s nothing sexy about spanking if he’s skint.”

“Like being bent over a Jasper Conran pine-effect table and having your bum smacked with a copy of Conde Nast Traveller while the Nespresso capsules go all over the floor.”

“Culture of well-being.”

“Perhaps the loudest man on cable TV.”

“Moral stature.”

“People were sucking his soul.”

“Not only arrogant, it is incoherent.”

“A dogmatic arrogance that sits ill.”

“Another form of casualisation.”

“An overspill town.”
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