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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x15 Review

Desert Cantos

Sarah, John, Derek and Cameron investigate Charm Acres. The small town of Charm Acres is the company town of the factory that Weaver destroyed in Ep 14. It is soon clear that Charm Acres is one creepy town. There's dead cows, stepford residents, surveillance and mystery. Sarah bonds with the wife of a man she killed. Cameron shows why she hasn't been missed lately. John bonds with his latest troubled woman, Zoë. Ellison fails to notice Weaver's inhumanity. Weaver creepily bonds with Savannah. It is clear that Weaver's team and who or what is behind Desert Canyon Heat And Air are not on the same side. Who or what are these new players and what is up with the drones? Who killed Weaver's PI? Who or what is Zoë's dad? With this new plot arc and the bizarre ending, this show is on a real upswing. This was good.
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