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The Flash 1x10 + The 100 2x06 + Wolf Hall 1x04 Reviewed

Revenge of the Rogues
Wells wears a black hat, a black coat and nearly gets out of his wheelchair when Barry has ball-ache. Wells likes the Reverse-Flash name. Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell of ‘Blade: Trinity’ and ‘Prison Break’) show up to be contrarians. Heat Wave grunts a lot. Iris moves in with Eddie. Wells has inevitable conspiratorial logic. Barry is acopia about Iris. Joe sulks. Cisco is not amenable and needs shirt fronting. Joe is suspicious and disapproving of Wells. Snow looks into FIRESTORM and is kidnapped. Wells likes ‘Ghostbusters’. This episode was not done reasonably adeptly.

Iris crashes a crime scene. Cisco has a disregard for sense. Eddie is the hero with strategic timing. Streams are crossed with contradistinction. Cold’s parka makes him look like the villain from ‘Urban Legend’. What happened to Eddie’s anti-Flash taskforce? Barry pressurises Iris. Another Rogue shows up.

Best Lines:
“Bring it.”

“Make him dead.”

“Why isn’t he running away?”

“Told you it would break.”

“And the shrink says I’m crazy.”

“You do hear that right?”

“Better make sense real fast buddy.”


“That’s worth money.”

“Quite the nemesis.”

“Devise a way to catch Cold. Yes I said it.”

“His pyro pal.”

“Do, take, whatever we want.”

“Very motivational.”

“Stop doing that.”

“That’s funny.”

“This changes things. Again.”

“What’s going on?”
“The plan.”

Fog Of War
Two days have passed. Finn doesn’t care about the Grounders he massacred and neither does anyone else. Mount Weather is jamming the Ark survivors. People stare. Raven annoys. Abbie is painfully intense and full of defiant testimony. Clarke is quintessentially adversarial. The Ark people’s blood is better than the Grounders. The President’s son doesn’t want the 100 assimilated into the gene pool. Dr Tsing cleverly insinuates things that the President is against. The seismic consequences of Finn’s act drag on. Kane and Jaha are in a ‘Saw’ position and overlook the very obvious Grounder commander. This was dull.

Kane yells enthustically, the Grounders are intolerant, Finn is the epitome of annoying and the Mount Weather lot want to be infused with the blood of the 100. Acid fog shows up and is revealed to be a Mount Weather weapon known as The Veil. Finn isn’t in purdah, Abbie has no respect or discretion, Bellamy is unsatisfactory and Clarke has a slight distance from Finn.

I hope I didn’t wrongly interpret this season as promising. The 100 are exacting, Jasper and Monty are unquestionably dumb and Maya reveals Mount Weather list of sins that is long and treacherous. Octavia and Lincoln reunite sort of. Jaha and his hyper-stylised eloquence annoys. Lincoln drools.

Best Lines:
“Mount Weather crashed the Exodus ship.”

“This is not how our story ends Marcus.”

“Blood must have blood.”

“We came in peace!”

“Leave or die.”

“We’re not entirely safe here. Mount Weather wasn’t built to last this long.”

“What are they doing?”

“Now you look at me like I’m the enemy.”

“I’m afraid.”
“Of what?”
“That you’re next.”

“Who else knows about this?”
“Everyone. Nobody talks about it. We learn not to ask questions. Without the treatments we die. What are we supposed to do?”

“We’re listening to the enemy.”

“They respect strength. Let’s show them ours.”

“You didn’t order the massacre.”
“Not that one.”

The Devil’s Spit
Anne is Queen over the objections of Christendom. It is 1533 and Princess Elizabeth has been born. Anne orders Mary to be Elizabeth’s servant. Jane Parker-Boleyn tells of terribly deviant things. The Nun of Kent is intermeddling. Anne is sour faced and has a nasty countenance. Fisher is resolutely annoying. Cromwell sees all. Margaret Pole pops up to troublemake. More and his much needed respectability should demur but won’t. Henry fails to stop Anne railing. Anne orders More arrested and is instructive toward Cromwell. Henry can be unfailingly generous until he isn’t.

Henry hugs Cromwell and calls him a pet name which is oddly unnerving. More can’t envisage taking the oath that recognises Henry as Head of the Church of England. More won’t be comfortable and plays the martyr. Jane Seymour is mousey, Anne miscarries all over the carpet and floorboards whilst heaving her flat chest and More’s strength of opinion annoys.

Anne wants Fisher and More dead. Anne is not exaltable and thinks More’s death will be advantageous. Anne’s miscarriage was burnt apparently. In a disturbing about face, Henry calls Cromwell a serpent and mocks the charm of his presence and orders him to see More dead just not in those words. Cromwell is painted by Holbein. More treats everyone like the pot boy. More nails himself to his cross and Cromwell may be feigning reluctance to see More executed. More choose being snotty as his prerogative and is executed without formality. Cromwell sweats. This was of miniscule enjoyment. Thus ends ‘Wolf Hall’, the next two episodes adapt ‘Bring Up The Bodies’.

Best Lines:
“Call her Elizabeth. Cancel the jousts.”


“Fall ill. Take to your bed.”

“He didn’t ask how the Queen was.”
“Hardly matters now.”

“Spanish Mary’s household can be broken up.”

“There can be no pretence at equality.”

“The Seymours are poor. They’ll sell her to you happily.”

“She’ll get no praise from him until she has a ripe belly again.”

“He’s a jumped up nobody.”

“The times are disordered.”

“The Queen sees enemies everywhere.”
“So she should. They’re waiting for her to fail.”

“The plague will rot them all.”

“Don’t prophet Amos me.”

“Exceptionally easy to mislead.”

“I hate ingratitude.”

“It’s like placing your person inside a grizzled leather bag.”

“Ever a creature of vice.”

“He’ll be the poor victim.”

“No, why would you?”

“You know my decision. Execute it.”

“Still bollocks.”
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