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Book Review: Takedown

Star Trek The Next Generation: Takedown by John Jackson Miller
Admiral Riker embarks on a melodramatic, grand, self-deluding rampage full of selfishness and egomania but why? Picard, who should be having a nice nap, tries various crude ways to stop his former XO who seems so perfectly lucid, rational and with a Balzacian attention to detail. This was full of mischaracterisation, clunky prose, baying and is in steady decline from Chapter 1. Riker has to account for himself and be attudinally assessed.

I felt utter boredom reading this. It’s liked a rejected novel from 1996. I don’t care about Riker’s reticence and inner angst. Treat this novel with indifference and discard this tale of capricious aliens, mean spirited moral insanity, passionate outrage and a denouement that belongs in the substratum of Treklit.

Best Lines:
“Had found mediocrity too high a bar.”

“That thing wasn’t on any chart we’ve ever seen.”

“What did it take to be invited into a secret cabal?”

“Didn’t you notice the Red Alerts? Or the fact that we were in combat?”

“Unnecessary disturbance!”

“Impertinence intolerable.”

“Big heads things.”

“Something done.”

“We have put her out on the street.”

“They made you talk funny.”
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