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Stuff of the Day

Whatever became of Abz from 5ive?

Read wretched ‘Gotham’ casting info.

They’re rebooting ‘Stargate’?

I won’t bother with ‘Blue Labyrinth’ or ‘Angel & Faith’ issue 10x11.

Vanilla Bean and Maple Syrup smoothie - okay.

I am not so found of the new Opium.

I am reading ‘City Of Heavenly Fire’.

‘City Of Heavenly Fire’ Quotes:
“Wound him if you desire.”

“It’s a shame you won’t live.”

‘Plebs’ Quotes:
“Those tiles may look cracked but that’s deliberate. It’s actually a mosaic.”

“So what happened to your face then?”
“It got beaten up by an old man.”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“She’s nice.”
“What are you basing that on?”

“Big naked teddy bear with herpes.”

“Wait it out.”

‘Glee’ Quote:
“I’d fart my answer.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Waving photographs of an unflushed toilet and a beer can on the floor of the trailer in which she lived.”

“Inspired in its derangement.”

‘Law and Order: SVU’ Quotes:
“If I make trouble, they won’t let me pledge.”

“She got slutty.”

“That Frat, again.”

“Great, mean girls.”

“Just how drunk was she?”

“Saying I’m spreading STDs.”

“She’s slut of the week.”

“Young emotional girls.”
“And privileged aggressive boys.”

“A drunken accusation.”

“My roommate called campus security.”

“Said if I didn’t admit myself, they’d commit me.”

“That helps.”

“Don’t make yourself a target.”

“She hadn’t hit bottom yet.”

“She tore her own clothes off?”

“Make sure they don’t drink and drive, OD or get knifed.”

“She was pink clouding.”

“Don’t tell, don’t report.”

“That’s not my job.”
“That’s not your job?”

“Leaks like a church roof.”

“I’m all better now.”

“We laughed at her.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Falling over quite a lot.”

“If a drone could be used as an aerial platform for his hawks.”

“Japanese tourists shouting “koala man!”.”

“You can’t chuck a koala on the back of a truck.”

“God’s gift to gussets.”

“Those deserted Walford wastelands that only appears when things are about to get proper naughty.”

“After she punched Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna in the face at Lollapalooza in 1995.”

“Boring men with beards rambling in caves.”

“Texts that almost felt designed to be stumbled upon.”

“Lobotomised dolly look.”

“Fished sanitary pads from the huge septic tank.”

“Someone to avoid and ignore.”

“My constant noise less charming.”

“Sordid, violent and undisciplined excess.”

“Emotional conservatives.”

“Third prettiest budgie.”

“I could not prevent the staff from fighting with each other and brazenly stealing from us.”

“Suicide mission of a deliberately disordered life.”

“The brides’ father ends the day by setting himself on fire, and is extinguished with a bottle of champagne.”

“Compelling use of silence.”

“Terrible, contorted world.”

“Ominously notes.”

“Odd encouraging titter.”

“What the semi-colon means.”

“The stock was so poor that you could only rent it to students.”

“You steeled yourself to run across the room to turn it on, retreating back to bed to wait for the room to heat up. Sex was a form of frostbite protection.”

“We would put the milk bottles on a shaded window ledge to keep cool. Some houses were so antiquated they had no electric sockets.”

“If there was a phone (we didn’t have one) it was coin-operated and screwed into the wall in the freezing hall.”

“The rank weed-ridden backyard is a smart patio garden.”

“Far out beyond the rim of the known world - Hackney, a part of London my mother designated as where you came from, not where you went to.”

“Putting cement down toilets or ripping them out altogether.”

“Strive so visibly for profundity.”

“Rolling her eyes at his personal failings.”

“Inchoate moral system.”

“Unexamined iniquity.”

“Loud, unpleasant and uncultured.”

“I bear no specific ill-feeling towards you at this point.”

“Giant screaming sobs.”


“Comparatively neglected.”

“That to historicise.”


“Leaves them to their dirty, nasty backwoods fate.”

“That is genuine crap.”


“More irritating than a dose of thrush.”

“Shouting at each other.”

“Are superfluous, that they’re stupid, that they’re in the way.”

“Bland and inoffensive.”

“No bracing, wide-open dialogue. Instead you get conformity.”

“Capacity to embrace audacity has flagged.”

“Mired in moody recalcitrance.”

“He gamely resists.”

“Such treacly treatment.”

“The emotional realities of the situation cry out for exhaustive scrutiny.”

“Image remains considerately unsullied.”

“Diluted to the point of tedium.”

“The comfort blanket of the past.”

“Refight battles won long ago.”

“Too threadbare to stimulate.”

“Bland, unsubtle and worryingly dull.”

“This is the work of privileged, moneyed, over-educated, pampered, middle-class liberal idiots.”

“Stupid hippy nation.”

“Those dreadful scary rough children from the council flats.”

‘Hi-De-Hi!’ Quotes:
“Not with the words he uses.”

“A piss artist.”

“Sod off.”

“Don’t get involved.”

“Then the crocodile comes on.”

‘The Gloss’ Quotes:
“She didn’t believe in breakfast for women over 40.”

“Deploying white jeans and dinner parties.”

“Started drinking vodka sodas exclusively.”

“Wears very unbuttoned shirts.”

“You can have as much gross cold watercress soup as you like and you can sometimes have yogurt. That’s it.”

Horrible Histories’ Quotes:
“Our grievances are more serious.”

“So many grievances we could fill a cart.”

“Why am I the villain?”

“Do want we ask or we gonna make you bleed.”

“Scammer King John.”

“A rubbish King.”

“Kings watch how you rule.”

“A grievance battle.”

“I’ll tax what I like.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“No real plans to leave anytime soon.”

“His BO is often overwhelming.”

“Shovel that place out.”

“It’s their space; you’re allowed to stay there.”

“Fired from four of them.”

“They told me I wasn’t working hard enough.”

“The hospital fired me for waking up late. They treat attendance fairly seriously.”

“Some weird conflict.”

“Let myself get fired.”

“Behave your way to success.”

“Entitlement is crippling this country.”

“Everything’s not about football.”

“Yelling obscenities on campus.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Patrick gets joint custody of Minnie to Maxine’s despondency. Patrick menaces Maxine to her dejected chagrin. Will’s funeral is held, only Dirk, Cindy and Dr S’avage aka Charles attend. Where is Liberty? Dirk’s emotional woes pile up when another letter appears threatening blackmail as a casual statement of fact. Why has Darren been forced out of his home and out of parenting his own children by his disruptive junkie wife? Why is Darren panting after Maxine? Sienna is persuasively played by Patrick who finds Nico malleable. I read horrible casting news, Zoë Lucker the show killer is joining the cast. Dirk and Charles bond over not feeling wrenching sadness over Will. Ste informs Tony about his HIV. Tegan does stuff, nobody cares. Darren gaslights Maxine and Patrick is deemed responsible. Poor Maxine is victimised by the derogatory ruthless manipulator Patrick and his psycho social games.
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