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How To Get Away With Murder 1x02 Reviewed

It’s All Her Fault
Flashforwards leave you pondering: how did the group come to this? Also when did Wes become such an ass? In the present, people wonder about how Lila ended up in the water-tank. Keating’s husband Sam seems unsupportive and disingenuous. Keating goes on about lies and secrets. The case of the week centres on the murder of a woman who was stabbed 16 times. Her weird creepy husband is the prime suspect. He (Steven Weber of ‘Wings’ and ‘Falling Skies’) treats it all facetiously and with indifference. To the incredulous stares of everyone he re-enacts how the murder may have happened with a law student and a pen. The husband is all complacency, braggadocio and provocation.

Wes’ neighbour Rebecca is a vociferous, interminable, implausible, implacable Maniac Pixie Dream Girl. The plot is fast moving: there are solemn pronouncements of lies, embedding of liberal values, materupting and this is a searing treatise on justice. Keating’s lover Nate is disgruntled and Keating is unquestioned by anyone though she is suspicious of her husband. Everyone is rotting inside. Rebecca has pugnacity, Keating’s co-workers among them Frank (it's Ben from 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer') discourage the students.

The rich coldly honing avuncular husband is unaccountable. There are contentious events, ill served victims and Keating is oddly toothless when it comes to her bro-dude husband. People frown judgementally and this was good and creepy. There is proper fear about the rich widower, Keating thinks very horribly in between her oratorical epiphanies. There is ferment and noises. The college kids in between falling drunkenly out of windows and dying violently see someone arrested for Lila’s murder. Keating spews some terrible horrible dialogue about her uncaring, desperately toxic marriage to Sam (Tom Verica of ‘Central Park West’)

Best Lines:
“Do you know who anyone really is?”

“What if it’s not?”

“It’s all her fault!”

“Stop acting like a little bitch baby.”

“My answer is always the same: I don’t care.”

“An actual skeleton in your closet.”

“Hitting the carotid artery which is now squirting like a loose fire hose.”

“Why are any of you here?”

“Thank you. Now get out.”

“Washed all the beer and frat-boy stench off of me.”

“We attack the motive.”

“Prom Queen and Douche Face.”

“You don’t seriously dig through stranger’s trash on a normal basis?”

“The jury feels manipulated.”

“Be as punishing as possible.”

“I was 15 and anorexic, just like every other girl at my private school.”

“I hope the jury decides to kill you!”

“He’s a hunter, he knows how to kill.”

“There’s actual relevance to the things you do?”

“Some sad twink.”

“Speak up more.”

“Quiet ones are the most dangerous.”
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