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The 100 2x05 + Wolf Hall 1x03 Reviewed

Human Trials
Kane recalls his dead mother. Abbie is a patronising disingenuous moron and her bad decisions go on. Finn is unreasonable. Lincoln is in peril. Mount Weather is plotting to get the 100’s blood. An orchestrated event makes Maya sick. This episode was insignificant. Nothing is unacceptable to Clarke. A lot of this trouble could have been avoided if they had just asked the Grounders what they meant by Mountain Men. Finn is a crazy man. Mount Weather turns Lincoln into a Reaper; the Mount Weather lot have a propensity for evil. Abbie slaps Raven. Jaha and Kane reunite, what? Murphy and Finn resort to violence and threats. What is Mount Weather up to? The ‘President’ and his creepy Head Of Security son plot. Finn shoots a load of Grounders and is an irrefutable nut job.

Best lines:
“Clarke left us.”

“We move to Phase Two.”

“Shouldn’t you be in the dungeon with your monsters?”
“They are not monsters, they are soldiers.”

“Our people come first right?”

Anna Regina
The morally compromised Anne achieves her hearts desire. This episode covers 1531 to 1533 as Thomas More torments heretics. Katherine of Aragon and Mary (who is a redhead) sneer. The vicar of hell lurks. Harry Percy’s wife wants a divorce. Jane Boleyn sneers. There is a collective denial of Anne’s one time betrothal to Harry Percy. Henry plans an unprecedented break with Rome. Percy is dissolute and Cromwell metes out verbal justice to him. Cromwell seems to fancy Anne. There are poor ethics all round. Anne and Cromwell reach an understanding. Nobody cares for the distant authority of the Pope. Henry drunkenly leans on Cromwell and plans a visit to Calais. Anne is elevated to the horror of More and his moral suffering. A seer makes bitter denunciations.

There is bitter iniquity, chaos and dysfunction. Calais looks unremarkable. This ep was essentially prosaic. Mary Boleyn is saucy. Matters are convening. Anne and Henry bond in a pained kind of way. Henry has indignation at Anne’s pettiness. No one has moral authority. Anne gets candid and beguiling with no apprehension. Mary Boleyn has anguish and Cromwell is a stupendous ass. Anne’s acquiescence leads to her marriage and coronation as Queen of England. There is lots of staring and walking. Jane Seymour is sad, Jane Boleyn is snide, there is foreshadowing and this was okay but joyless.

Best Lines:
“Stand up straight.”

“Now he writes all the laws.”

“Beat his head on the cobbles until I’d knocked some of God’s love into it.”

“The wicked Jezebel.”

“Say one more word and I’ll punch you.”

“I’ll allow that.”

“My sister is a notorious virgin.”

“The fields were black with men running the other f##king way!”


“Bite your bollocks off.”

“Pray a lot.”

“I shake.”

“Drag her back to the whorehouse.”

“Now I’m valued.”

“This is my humble face, will it serve?”


“If he’s shy, Anne will know how to help.”

“I won’t have you in this devil’s company.”

“I repeat my comment.”

“I look like a walking bruise.”

“They’ll never love you like that.”

“I’m not distressed.”

“These people want me dead.”

“When my son is born, they’ll all be powerless.”


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